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Other Online Class Listings

Kari Schell

Instructor: Kari Schell of OnPointQuilter.com

Kari Schell offers several EQ7 and quilting classes. Check her site for updated dates and times.
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Academy of Quilting

Instructor: Shirley Goodwin

Shirley Goodwin offers several EQ7 and quilting classes. Check out the Academy of Quilting website for updated dates and times.
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ML FiberArts LLC

Instructor: Mary Louise Gerek
Class Name: 
EQ7™: Master the Basics
Continuous Enrollment/Unlimited Access

Details: 19 Lessons
  US $59.99

EQ7™: Master the Basics: Learn to use Electric Quilt 7™ quilt design software in this comprehensive, introductory class for those new to computer-aided quilt design or who want a refresher.

Mary Louise Gerek, creative quilter, pattern designer and lecturer, guides students through the different work environments of EQ. Students learn to draw pieced and appliqué blocks; design unique, original quilts; and print all that is needed to craft any project from patchwork to appliqué quilts.

Starting with simple blocks, students gain skill and efficiency using the tools of EasyDraw™ and PatchDraw™ to create and edit original design quilt blocks. They become familiar with the tools and features of EQ while building and adding color to original quilt designs. Quilt design instructional videos aid the learning process.

Offered at ML FiberArts, you can work at your own pace with feedback, suggestions and encouragement. Experienced quilt pattern designer, Mary Louise Gerek, is ever present as you follow step-by-step lessons and integrated exercises.