Download patches and updates for your Electric Quilt software below.

Electric Quilt 7

Electric Quilt 7 Update to Build 2

Size: 127MB

This update adds the following performance enhancements/features to Electric Quilt 7:

  • A Color Accent effect has been added to the Image Worktable.
  • Marquee-set blocks in a Custom quilt layout now:
    • Snap to grid points
    • Can be placed on Layer 1, 2, or 3.
  • Font previews have been added to the Applique Text tool.
  • Embroidery designs now drag and drop in the size they were created.
  • Most swath patches are now automatically numbered when printing foundation patterns.
  • Serendipity blocks can now be edited on the Block Worktable.
  • An alert sound is now played when objects are added to the Sketchbook.
  • Blocks and Embroidery designs in the Libraries, Sketchbook, and Palettes are now shown with the appropriate aspect ratios.
  • The PDF lessons have been updated to reflect the functionality changes in Build 2.
  • Foundation patterns for pieced Patchdraw blocks can now be printed directly from the Block Worktable.
  • The Send to Front and the Send to Back tools now function correctly on the Block Worktable.
  • The Notecards for the Layout Library have been corrected.
  • The Splash Screen that displays when EQ7 is opened has been updated.
  • Opening a project no longer automatically edits the last block or quilt in the Sketchbook.
  • Applying this update restores EQ7′s settings to default as if it were reinstalled.

Electric Quilt 6

Electric Quilt 6 Update to Build 2

Size: 3.40MB

This update adds the following performance enhancements/features to Electric Quilt 6:

  • The speed of paper piecing calculations has been greatly improved
  • Zooming in on an image is much faster
  • The visual quality of zoomed in images has been greatly improved
  • Open curves for embroidery or quilt set on Layer 1, 2, or 3 will no longer show up in the fabric yardage print-out
  • Printing foundation patterns for flipped blocks with seam allowances now correctly prints the seam allowance on the outside of the sections
  • The blue color displayed when editing in Patchdraw is now darker to make it easier to see on older computer monitors
  • Photos can now be set into clipped locations on the quilt

Amy Butler Softwares

Amy Butler Softwares Updates

These 4 updates add additional content to amy butler software including new bonus projects and fabrics. Click the link for more details.