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Electric Quilt 6

Item #: A-600EQ

NOTE: Electric Quilt 7 is the newest version of this software. Electric Quilt 6 is a full quilt design software program complete with block and quilt design tools, full user library, and capabilities beyond your dreams. Print your patterns in any size!

Discontinued Product:

This product is no longer sold by The Electric Quilt Company. If you wish to purchase this product, please contact your local quilt shop or one of our online resellers to check for availability.


Product Overview

This incredibly full-featured quilt design and drawing program has been especially designed with beginners as well as advanced designers in mind. Use it to design quilts, draw blocks, scan in fabrics or select from over 20,000 blocks, fabrics, colors, embroidery, photos, threads, quilt layouts and borders included in EQ6. Use EQ6 simply to try out colors, or print patterns in any size. Or use EQ6 to forge a quilting career, producing professional, high-resolution block and quilt images print-ready for books or magazines.

Please note: EQ6 is not the current version of our EQ software. To get the newest version with more features and capabilities, please check out Electric Quilt 7.


Included with this purchase

  • CD to install
  • User Manual
  • 4 activations
  • 4,000 copyright-free block patterns
  • 5,000 scanned fabrics
  • 62 help videos


The Libraries

  • Overall friendlier interface
  • View the Library and the Project Sketchbook items in the same dialog
  • Select multiple items to add to the Sketchbook with one click
  • Select multiple items and delete them from the Sketchbook with one click
  • Ability to sort and delete from the Project Sketchbook from within the Library
  • Ability to link to other EQ product libraries from within the Library dialog
  • Expanded notecards that can flip and be pinned down for viewing continuous items
  • Import items from other EQ projects
  • Ability to display more items within the dialog
  • Ability to build My Library files for all design items
  • Efficient copy and paste procedures for building custom libraries
  • Unlimited My Library files
  • Easy interface for naming libraries and styles
  • Search for blocks by pre-defined categories like construction method or skill level
  • Search for fabrics by text or color
  • Search for layouts, embroidery or photos by text
  • Search for thread by text or color
  • Import fabric scans or photo images using BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats
  • Import embroidery designs using EXP format
  • Addition of a Photo Library
  • Addition of a Thread Library
  • Ability to create thread by RGB values

The Project Sketchbook

  • Ability to see more than one quilt at a time
  • Separate sections for embroidery, photos and thread
  • Ability to move the entire dialog
  • Expanded notecards that can be flipped and pinned
  • Double-click to edit blocks and quilts to the worktable
  • Sorting capability for all sections
  • Context menus for additional functionality specific to the section

Printing and Exporting

  • Rotate templates before printing
  • Option for larger key block for template patterns and rotary cutting charts
  • Resizable foundation pattern dialog
  • Improved labeling of foundation patterns
  • Increased control over EQ’s foundation numbering scheme
  • Saving of foundation numbering
  • Ability to print partial foundation patterns
  • Ability to select setting triangles and print clipped blocks patterns
  • Mirror option for printing blocks
  • Prints template patterns for text set on quilt
  • Export metafiles with fill color or with outline and fill
  • Export high resolution images in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats

Quilt Worktable

  • New on-point layout style
  • More options for locking sliders so they move together instead of separately
  • More size information readily available within the palettes
  • Two new border styles
  • Ability to hide or show layers on the quilt as you’re designing
  • Option for always starting with a 4×4 horizontal layout
  • Default border style is user settable
  • Create a custom quilt layout from a block drawing with just a click
  • Rulers for the quilt worktable
  • Adjustable origin for the quilt rulers
  • New Set Applique Text tool
  • New Random Recolor tool
  • New Set Auto Borders tool
  • New Set Photo tool
  • New Set Embroidery tool
  • New Thread tools
  • New Rotate Fabric tool
  • New Erase Block tool
  • New Paintbrush tools for freehand coloring of patches
  • Friendlier interface for viewing block colorings and selecting a coloring
  • Ability to add a plain block
  • New position for the graph pad
  • Ability to center a block in the quilt
  • Fussy cut positioning of fabric is saved with the quilt

Block Worktable

  • New precision bar for easier drawing board adjustments
  • Ability to draw pieced PatchDraw blocks
  • Addition of special grids: 8 point star, circle, arc, kaleidoscope, octagon
  • New PolyDraw tools
  • Ability to set grid dot size
  • Ability to set color for grid dots
  • Ability to hide or show layers on the block as you’re drawing
  • Ability to center selected segments
  • New Ellipse tool for drawing appliqué
  • New Rectangle tool for drawing appliqué
  • New Brush Stroke tool for drawing appliqué
  • New Freehand tool for drawing appliqué
  • Shape Bezier curves by dragging directly on the curve
  • Auto selection of segment as soon as it’s drawn
  • Tool specific precision bars for greater customization of drawing techniques
  • Saving of fussy cut position of fabric
  • Auto fill when patches are closed using PatchDraw
  • Saving of open patches
  • Adjust the stacking order of patching on the drawing layer or the color layer
  • Serendipity options for creating new blocks by tilting, merging or framing
  • Block palette on the color tab for quick editing of blocks
  • Improved options for importing an image for tracing.


  • Fabric scales based on the size of the block or quilt
  • Most Recently Used Fabrics appear at the top of the fabrics palette
  • Add and remove tools from toolbar
  • Display large or small tools
  • Customize the style of the tools
  • Flyout tools for greater flexibility of tools
  • Ability to restore to original default settings
  • Large video screen with more videos
  • Quick quilt projects
  • Dynamic Toolhelp window
  • Worktable tools for quickly changing worktables
  • Implementation of an intro splash screen
  • Tip of the Day option on startup or from the Help menu

System Requirements

System requirements for EQ6

  • Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, or Windows® 8
  • Internet access for activation (4 activations included)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Internet Explorer 5 or higher
  • 700 MB of hard drive space
  • Monitor with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater
  • Sound card recommended for demo videos


Please note: EQ6 is limited to 4 activations. If you foresee this as being an issue for you, we recommend purchasing Electric Quilt 7, which has unlimited activations.


EQ6 software

Electric Quilt 6 has been translated into Japanese. For more information, please contact

EQ6 User Manual

The EQ6 User Manual has been translated into Dutch. Please contact Procam Nederland for more information.


53 Reviews

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  1. Michiyo Vangellow

    I am so impressed with this piece of software and training materials that I have to email you with thanks!! Working my way through this very complicated piece of software was a pleasure using the user manual, thank you ..thank you. I’m so excited about this software that I am already signed up to take other classes through Quilt University. Keep up the excellent quality with this software!

  2. Penny Pritchard

    There are so many talented quilters who use EQ, many for un-traditional quilts which I really admire. I’d be absolutely lost without Electric Quilt – I don’t have space for a design wall any bigger than about 32″ x 32″ so just about all of my playing and fabric choice testing is done on EQ.

  3. Susan Davis

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love my EQ6. I am a designer and purchased this program 2 years ago… I just finished a new pattern with the help of EQ6. It saved me so much time. Thanks so much for this great program.

  4. Jeannine Page

    I just have to send you an email telling you what a great job you’ve done on the EQ6 users manual. I have a lot of computer experience, particularly in design work. I use Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design and Brother’s custom embroidery design software. I just have to say that this book, from the very time I first opened it, is the best written manual I have ever used and I just thought you should be commended!!

    I am recently new to quilting, however, I’ve sewn all my adult life, which at this point is considerable. lol I first purchased the Quilt Design Wizard and quickly realized I couldn’t do the things I’m used to doing with design software. I did make a couple of really pretty quilts, however, and was very impressed that the dimensions given were very accurate. I can see already that the EQ6 will be everything any designer would need and I’m only in Chapter 2.

    Thanks for a great product.

  5. Megan Hill

    I have just purchased EQ6 and have completed the first 6 lessons – and I LOVE it! The whole thing is very user friendly and I wish I’d had one for years.

  6. Sharon Crews

    I am really impressed with the program and especially your lesson book. I am an older person with some computer skills and your lesson book makes it so plain, simple and easy to follow.

  7. Joyce A. Swackhammer

    I have EQ6 and am so excited with what I can do with it. Scanning in fabric and then creating using those exact fabrics is GREAT! You know before you make a single cut into your fabric if you have enough for the project that you have created or if you should choose a different fabric or pattern.

  8. Don Fagnan

    Your product is very intuitive and fun to use. I am glad that I purchased it!

  9. Rebecca Horn

    I really love your product. I like that I can not only design my own quilts, but I can download photos and instructions for quilts in the magazines and books that I buy. Thanks again for a great product.

  10. Solange Gillespie

    I’ve just finished the lessons in EQ6. I’ve had a lot of experience over my working career with software user manuals and teaching videos. I must say that Electric Quilt has done an outstanding job on their products. The manuals are easy to understand and follow and the videos very helpful. I am very impressed with all of the material I have purchased from Electric Quilt and thank you for taking the guess work out of learning to use your products.

  11. Nancy Bright

    My hubby has worked with CAD programs for years. He was really impressed when I demonstrated my EQ program to him. REALLY impressed! Thanks for the … user-friendly and multi-faceted program.

  12. Wanda Stenzel

    I have had EQ since EQ3 (I think) and it just keeps getting better, bigger, and easier.

  13. Marcia McCaskill

    I just received EQ6 four days ago, and have already designed an art quilt using free draw on the appliqué tab, e-mailed one of the motifs on the quilt to a friend, and imported photos. I have never used any EQ products before, and am surprised how easy it is. Even my 17 year old son said he liked the program, and he has no interest in quilting! Thank you for a great product.

  14. Susan Thomason

    I am absolutely having so much fun with my new EQ6. The book and lessons are so easy to follow… When EQ6 came, though, I had no idea how much more user friendly it is. I have been raving about it to my quilting friends.

  15. Cathy Northcutt

    Thank you for such a great program. I wanted a border recently to use for a Japanese type quilt I am making using continuous ¼” bias strips. I adapted your Wavy line stencil to form the block I needed and printed out as many sheets required to form the continuous border. This has now been completed and as a secondary use I can now use the printouts as a pantograph pattern for my Little Gracie Quilt frame. I am sure you must have already thought about this but being excited about my “find,” I thought I would share it with you!

  16. Jan D

    Oh, wow! I’ve just discovered the colour search feature in the Fabric Library in EQ6. That is veeeeeeeeeeery cool! I wanted more yellow fabrics for the poppy quilt I’m playing with so I went to the Fabric Library, found there was a search button so I clicked on it and chose the By Color option. Chose yellow from the drop down list and got 52 yellows to add to my sketchbook. That is a fabulous feature!

  17. Lauri

    I got my Christmas cards designed with eq6. Every time I sat down to design with fabric and blocks, I got carried away and hours would pass. There are just too many beautiful things we can do with EQ6.

  18. Dorothy Atkinson

    Are there words to describe EQ6? Could they be magnificent, unbelievable, awesome? … and on it goes. The manual is so well done that it just makes EQ6 a breeze to learn. The videos and Penny’s beautiful speaking voice should receive an award. If you have EQ5 and are a bit hesitant about purchasing EQ6 because well, maybe you feel that you just can’t start all over again. It isn’t like that at all. The only problem you will have will be in closing the manual and turning the videos off. EQ6 makes learning fun. If you are a senior like me and just happen to be visiting EQ’s site, perhaps you are thinking that this is way beyond me *after all you are a senior* and we all know that it is much more difficult for seniors to learn. HA!. Oh yes, Mr. or Mrs. Senior, if you don’t know a great deal about computers, don’t worry EQ6 takes you by the hand and not only teaches EQ6 but it explains step by step how to use your computer. Oh why aren’t there more hours in the day. The kids have their video games but we have EQ6. Thank you, thank you so much for giving us such a beautiful programme. Now on to my next lesson.

  19. Dee Ann

    I just received my EQ6 the other day and I have been studying the lessons. I think this version is really excellent. I have purchased EQ 4 and 5 before but somehow couldn’t break into it… now I am launched. I have been wondering how on earth people could come up with such intricate quilts out of their heads… now I see how we can be aided by this powerful program. Wow, I am so impressed.

  20. Myree

    EQ6 is awesome, you guys have out done yourselves with EQ6. It is so easy to use and design with. All the extra features are wonderful. The new quilt layouts that have been added, random recolor tool, & free hand drawing tools are great. The category area is an added bonus, because now I can pick something out for a beginner or the advanced person without having search through the whole library to find what I need. And I really love the text tool for putting writing on my quilts. I will greatly enjoy sharing what I’ve seen and learn so far with my customers and encouraging them to purchase EQ6 or the upgrade. The Tutorial videos and display Dynamic help, place a lot of help at your fingertips. There is so much more in EQ6. I love It!!! Thanks so much.

  21. I am truly enjoying the new features of EQ6. The expanded video tutorials alone make it worth the upgrade from EQ5. I also like the quick quilt options so you don’t have to start with a blank slate if you are stumped for ideas. Great product!

  22. Lorraine

    I am extremely impressed with all the new possibilities that EQ6 has to offer. My son is a main-frame programmer and I showed him a bit of what this program can do. He was extremely impressed with the programming that went into EQ6.

  23. Aura Pérez

    Thanks again for a wonderful software and for your great service in support and all areas.

  24. Mary Dusenberry

    Wow – I cannot say enough good about the upgrade! I agree with all the positive reviews I have read! Now I believe that the sky is the limit and I have a fast traveling balloon! Congratulations on making improvement to an excellent program! A very satisfied user and teacher

  25. Chris Brenden

    I have loved EQ since day one and I can’t imagine making a quilt without first drafting in EQ. EQ6 is so superior over even EQ5, which I loved also. I have never taken any classes in EQ and to be honest, I really didn’t start stretching my drafting until recently because some things I just couldn’t figure out. However, in EQ6 I’m doing things I never thought I could do.

  26. Jo-Ann

    My husband bought me EQ6 for our anniversary and I am having a ball. EQ6 is so easy to understand even our 4 year old is learning to design quilts and EQ6 is so high-tech any thing you can envision can be created. I highly recommend this wonder program to any one it is well worth the investment.

  27. Pat Stroup

    You have really made it so much simpler. Thank you. I’ve only completed two lessons but I’m very impressed. I’ve been an EQ user since you began. I can’t wait to get to the drawing lessons and see what you’ve done with them.

  28. Dottie in Atlanta

    Love the random recolor tool and the rotate fabric tool! Also the fabric scaling is terrific! I also love the way you can click and drag your blocks in the Layout tab… gives you a look at the proportions of the blocks and infinite sizing of the sashing… well, I could go on and on, but you get the idea. I LOVE EQ6!

  29. DeeDee Fox

    EQ6 is everything a person could ever want in a quilt program – you guys did a fabulous job.

  30. Jodie Storm

    EQ6 arrived two days ago, and I have just finished chapter 2… This is seriously the best thing that has ever been invented in the history of the world. You guys are brilliant. This has to be the coolest toy ever created. So, I just wanted to thank you all, and congratulate you on such a Brilliant product. I shall be boring my non-quilting family about this product for months to come.

  31. Julie Bannon

    I have been colouring a mariner’s compass and exporting the picture at 16″. Then in another block which is hawaiian appliqué 16″ I have imported the picture of my compass as a fabric and coloured the appliqué design with it (inspiration from a fruit and veggie challenge quilt). Without the fabric scaling feature this whole thing would not have worked for me!!! Brilliant feature guys… keep it up!!!!

  32. Leisa Bulloch

    I love the new and improved EQ6, particularly the patchdraw grid options, the circular grid is fantastic! Thanks!

  33. Verna Ulrich

    I just wanted to tell you how delighted I was when I received my EQ upgrade. I didn’t realize you had even included new blocks! I also loved the feature that allowed me to auto link all my programs that go with EQ. I noticed that things seem so much easier to access and use. The manual is very easy to follow. It would take a book to tell you all the things I love about this quilt program, so I won’t go on. All I can say is WOW! You really made the upgrade well worth ever penny it cost, thank you for everything.

  34. Shari Zabroski

    I just installed my EQ6 upgrade and watched some of the videos. Wow, is this version super packed with so many wonderful new features. Thank you so much for such a great software!!!

  35. Meredith Reid

    I liked EQ5 but I am enjoying EQ6 much more. EQ6 simply invites me to play. I understand the way it functions and enjoy testing the various options. Pressing any button opens up new vistas and makes me feel like a computer wizard even though I am not. Thanks for designing this. It causes me to look forward to whatever you might come up with for EQ7 – but not yet. I have too much I want to do with this one.

  36. Dorothy Lowry

    I’ve been putting off diving into my brand new EQ6, waiting until I had enough time to really sit and work on the lessons, figuring there’d be a pretty steep learning curve. Well, I got home from work yesterday to discover my THREE YEAR OLD son happily creating a quilt! I think he must have had help from his big sister, but since she’s only 7, I’m thinking this is going to be a lot easier than I thought!

  37. Bobbie Davis

    EQ6 is GREAT! I am fairly new to quilting and am hooked. This program has made me go from following patterns in a magazine to designing myself. Who would have thought that I could do all this creating on my own. I am designing so fast I don’t know if I will be able to catch up with the actual quilt making. Thank you EQ6 for making it so easy to unleash my inner quilt artist. Worth every penny. Thanks again.

  38. Gretchen K. Hudock

    I have finally been playing with EQ6 and am thrilled. It is so easy to follow the instructions and do the samples. The videos are fantastic. I am already planning my first class… Thank you – Thank you – Thank you. My designing will go to a new level now.
    PineBerry Patch Patterns

  39. Susan Dow

    EQ6 is the most versatile program I have worked with to design, develop, and then create beautiful quilts. My family loves them, and I love EQ6!

  40. Barb

    Just got Electric Quilt 6. I have done lesson one and all I can say is “wow.” It is so easy and fun. This is my first EQ product and it is very user friendly.
    - Barb in Northwest Ohio

  41. Georgia McCroy

    I used EQ5 constantly and loved it. I wasn’t sure that the upgrade would make much difference. WOW — so many great new features! I just designed a complex trapunto project. Using the jpeg format for importing has made the process so much easier. I also like the new capability of customizing my toolbar. I could go on and on. Thanks for your dedication to bringing us such a quality quilt design program at an affordable price.
    - Fosston, MN

  42. Jean

    Well I have just finished lesson two – this is so great. ALSO JUST PLAYING AROUND when a friend came for coffee and I showed her two blocks that i had done – we printed them off. Seeing her today she has put it together and it looks stunning… even if I say so …
    - Brisbane, Australia

  43. Tracy Christy

    I had EQ5 and just upgraded to EQ6. I’m so impressed with EQ6 that I have recommended it to all my friends and family. I’m having so much fun with the lessons and found out things I did not know before. Please go out and by this product.
    - Washington

  44. Jane Newman

    EQ6 makes quilt design a joy, pure fun! The program is so very intuitive. And, then those videos… wow, such a helpful tool. You all have outdone yourselves with EQ6. Thank you so much for your effort and thoughtfulness.

  45. Maxine Ramey

    I can’t tell you how much I love EQ6. I do quite a bit of pattern designing for our shop and the patterns always look professional. ‘Exploding blocks’ is the best thing ever for pattern diagrams.
    A Stitch in Time, Franklin, NC

  46. Liz Frazer

    You have done a fabulous job on this release. It is vastly superior to EQ5, and in each page of the manual I am introduced to a new and/or improved technique. Thanks for all your efforts. Great job!
    A very enthusiastic and devoted EQ customer.

  47. Rita Philips

    Thanks to the creative geniuses who came up with this, they are obviously quilters, or at least they know how to listen to quilters. This is the best money I’ve spent in a long, long, time. Thank you, thank you, for designing such a great tool!!! And the videos, manual, help tools, etc. are just awesome!

  48. Diana Osborne

    I am just starting Lesson 3 and I just wanted to say how AWESOME this new program is. The lessons are fun, easy, and educational. The videos are a nice touch. The features are wonderful. Can’t wait to design on this program.

  49. Beth Berman

    I recently purchased EQ6 and I’d like to tell you about my experience. For me, EQ6 has been the most user friendly software program I have ever used. I purchased a $1000.00 software program for digitizing embroidery patterns and I can’t accomplish anything using it. I’ve taken their class which I had to pay extra for and I still can’t work it. EQ6 was amazing. I literally loaded it and took off. What a great user friendly program it is. I enjoy not only the program but also the website, mystery quilt and other portions of the homepage. It’s the best money I have ever spent on sewing related software.”

  50. Diana Heath

    I’ve done one of the lessons and it’s working perfectly. So far I am totally enjoying it and my kids are excited about what I can design for them. I think I’ve created two little quilt monsters… hehehe and they want to design some themselves. I want to thank you and the programmers for a wonderful product that we will all enjoy.”

  51. Janet Trout

    I just had to let you know what a great product this is. This is the easiest software I have ever learned. After 3 lessons, I designed a quilt with photos & fabrics. I was blown away. I have just ordered the Block Book & can’t wait to do more.

  52. Susan Kohnstam

    EQ6 is phenomenal. The manual is easy to read, easy to follow instructions and execute them. I loved your accompanying videos. The upgrades in EQ6 are amazing and well worth the price. I just hope my quilting can improve half as well as this program lets me design. Thanks for this outstanding product.

  53. British Patchwork & Quilting

    EQ6 is user friendly both to new and experienced quilt designers. The excellent support manual supplied with the software caters to all skill levels. There are clear, easy-to-follow introductory lessons for the absolute beginner; but equally, there are detailed instructions for producing teaching materials, drawing advanced blocks and much more, geared towards the more experienced quilter and software user… the more I explore EQ6, the more convinced I am that virtually any quilt can be drawn with this software – traditional, contemporary, pieced, Appliqué or combined. If only I had time to sew them all.

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