Poinsettia Starburst

Requires EQ7
Windows Software
Mac (OS X) Software
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Requires EQ7 or EQStitch software. Poinsettia Starburst is an applique project with paper pieced border. Each flower could be cut from a single fat quarter of fabric. But it's not just for the holiday season. It can be easily adapted for any season. Colorful pastels would make a lovely Spring wallhanging, or bright clear colors for a Summer Daisy look or even Fall colors. Hand or machine applique the flowers or for a quicker project, try fusing and raw edge appliquing the flowers.
  • Designer: Denise Russart
  • Style: Pieced and Applique
  • Finished Size: 51" x 51"
  • Includes: PJ7 project, Block library, PDF instructions



Sewing Instructions

System Requirements

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