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Stash (19) Fall 2008

Item #: A-ST019

This is the NINETEENTH edition in our STASH CD series. It includes an all new collection of over 5580 new fabrics from 34 different fabric manufacturers -- the best fabric in the quilting industry. This easy-to-use program lets you view the fabric swatches on your computer screen and create "shopping bags" for collecting and saving your favorites.

Discontinued Product:

This product is no longer sold by The Electric Quilt Company. If you wish to purchase this product, please contact your local quilt shop or one of our online resellers to check for availability.


Who is on the STASH Fall 2008 CD?


Baby Artist by Kathy Hall
Balloon Festival by Kathy Hall
Classics by Jo Morton
French Farmhouse by Renée Nanneman
Halfway Café by Cosmo Cricketv Jo’s Souvenirs by Jo Morton
Lights, Camera, Action by Gail Kessler
Meg’s Bouquet by Jo Morton
Misc. Collections by Andover Fabrics
Olivia Flannel by Ian Falconer
Ooh-La-La by Kathy Hall
Petals by Lonni Rossi
Providence by Jo Morton
Wake the Dead by Andover Fabrics
Wash Tub Accessories by Karen Snyder
Wash Tub’s Seven Sisters by Karen Snyder
Zenith by Kathy Hall
Zoo Parade by Kim Schaefer

Art Gallery Fabrics

Dashing Roses by Patricia Bravo
Floral Elements by Patricia Bravo
French Riviera by Patricia Bravo
Gipsy Glitter by Patricia Bravo


Bali Breeze by Michele Wojcicki
Dinosaurs by Michele Wojcicki
Harvest Flannel by Michele Wojcicki
Vroom! by Michele Wojcicki


Arabesque by Claudia Pfeil
Baby Geniuses Grow by Linda Carlson & Diana Henage
Bandana Beauties by Benartex Studio
Cider Mill Road by Nancy Halvorsen
Noble Family by Mizuki
Oasis by Morris-Walton
Snow Show by Susan Winget
Sweethearts by Benartex
Victoria by Nikki Russell

Blank Quilting

Barnyard by Blank Quilting
Best of the West by Blank Quilting
Circus Critters by Mark Hordyszynski
Coverlet Collection by Mary Koval
Crème de la Crème by Mary Koval
Feedsack Collection by Susie Osburn
In the Dog House by Mark Hordyszynski
Inspiration III by Blank Quilting
Kimono Rose by Blank Quilting
Medetai by Hoodie’s Collection
Morning Call by Hoodie’s Collection
Owlpals by Keri Schneider
Rockfest by Blank Quilting
Tribeca III by Blank Quilting

Camelot Cottons

Bounty by Marilyn Robinson
Dandelion Days by Stephanie Brandenburg
Dayflowers by Cathmar Prange
Decora Flora by Mitzi Paxwell
Dreamsicle by Camelot Cottons
Hollyhocks by Stephanie Brandenburg
Octavia by Sue Penn
Safari Nights by Ramona Cummins
Samantha by Sal Miller
Travel the Orient by Ramona Cummins

Classic Cottons

City Sparkler by Exclusively Quilters
Giant Pandas by Exclusively Quilters
Happy Days by Exclusively Quilters
Leopards by Exclusively Quilters
Midnight Magic by Exclusively Quilters
Rendezvous by Exclusively Quilters


Cotton Candy by Karla Eisenach
Dear Santa by Diane Knott
Jumpin’ Java by Sue Zipkin
Newton All Year by Leslie Ann Clark
Play Ball by Jill Webster
Sew Much Love by Diane Knott
Snow Day! by Sue Zipkin
Wine Country by Barb Tourtillotte
Winter Berries by Lydia Quigley

Elizabeth’s Studio

Beach Divas by Alma Lynne Hayden
Misc. Collections by Elizabeth’s Studio
Nursery Rhymes by Fay Whittaker
Running Herd by Howard Robinson
Sports Collection by Elizabeth’s Studio
Tucson by Elizabeth’s Studio


Annabella by Tina Givens
Ava Rose by Tany Whelan
Bell Bottoms by Jennifer Paganelli
Bijoux by Heather Bailey
Chloe’s Imagination by Tina Givens
County Fair by Denyse Schmidt
Daisies by Donna Dewberry
Drawing Room by Anna Maria Horner
Garden Party by Anna Maria Horner
Ginseng by Joel Dewberry
Hallmark Collections by HMK
Mendocino by Heather Ross
Pop Garden by Heather Bailey
Roses by Donna Dewberry


Antique Serenity III by Galaxy
Batik Black & Whites by Galaxy
Gelato by Galaxy
Java Batiks by Galaxy
Midnight Garden by Galaxy
Serenity Taupe Prints by Galaxy

Henry Glass & Co.

Café Decadence by Lisa Peruchini
Cottage Charm by Heather Mulder Peterson
Pocketful of Posies by Bev Proulx


Beach Babes by Hoffman
Camp Fun Time by Hoffman
Celebrate by Hoffman
Gypsy Princess by Hoffman
Hoffman Challenge 2009 by Hoffman
Kalahari by Hoffman
Love is in the Air by Hoffman
Moonlight Gardens by Hoffman
Nara Gardens by Hoffman
Play Ball by Hoffman
Reflections by Hoffman
Rosemoor by Hoffman
Shades of Color by Hoffman
Sierra Sky by Hoffman
Sumi-E by Hoffman
Wallflowers by Hoffman

Indo-U.S. Sales

Meme’s Blue Bird Garden by Meme’s Quilts
Country Patchwork Natural & Neutral by Edna
Country Patchwork Basics by Edna

Island Batik

Misc. Collections 1 by Moira Dewar
Misc. Collections 2 by Kathy Engle

Kona Bay

Bees Wax Collection by Seattle Bay
Ladybug Collection by Seattle Bay
Lotus Collection by Kona Bay
Nobu Fujiyama Collection by Kona Bay
Water Tonals by Kona Bay

M&S Textiles

Aboriginal Designs by M & S Textiles Australia

Marcus Brothers

Bonnie Blue Basics & Backgrounds by Paula Barnes
Classic Conversationals by Judie Rothermel
Ink Well by Judie Rothermel
Metro Blue Goes Green by Michele D’Amore
Sturbridge Village IV by Judie Rothermel

Maywood Studio

Autumn Bounty Flannel by Bonnie Sullivan
Cottage Romance by Willowberry Lane
Maple Leaf Hill by Kris Lammers
Poinsettia by Jackie Robinson
Spellbound by Perry Wahe
Winter Wonderland by Bonnie Sullivan

Michael Miller

Dick and Jane by Michael Miller Fabrics LLC.
Farmer’s Market by Sandi Henderson
Krystal by Michael Miller Fabrics LLC.
Misc. Collections 1 by Michael Miller Fabrics LLC.
Misc. Collections 2 by Michael Miller Fabrics LLC.


Aviary by 3 Sisters
Basket of Flowers by Mary Engelbreit
Collection for a Cause-Legacy by Howard Marcus
Fresh by Deb Strain
Snippets by American Jane
Wildflower Serenade II by Kansas Troubles
Wonderland by MoMo


Beez by Tricia Cribbs
Bonsai Geisha by Ro Gregg
Califon by Mark Lipinski
Eat your Veggies by Ro Gregg
Emma Louise & Ethan Michael by Sheri Berry
Freckles by Ro Gregg
Hip Hop Hearts by Ro Gregg
Le Spring Bouquet by Beverlyann Stillwell
Misc. Collections by Terry Perry
Moonlit Poppies by Ro Gregg
Oriental Odyssey by Ro Gregg
Rose Garden Tea for Two by Ro Gregg
Rose Petal Cottage Flannels by Ro Gregg
Serendipity Butterfly by Kitty Everettt & Claudia Harbaugh
Up Up and Away by Nanette Hilton

Quilters Treasure

Jeweled Earth by Bergquist & Print Concepts

Quilting Treasures

Aunt Josie’s Log Cabin by Virginia Quilt Museum
Blanc et Noir Companions by Marie Osmond
Cachet by Marie Osmond
Café Europa by Possibilities
Country Canines by James Meger
Follow the Yellow Brick Road by The Wizard of Oz
The Gossip Chain by Norman Rockwell
Kids Go Green by Kari Pearson
Misc. Collections by Norman Rockwell
Paddington’s ABC’s by Paddington & Co.
Pink Ribbon Companions II by Karen Neuburger
Precious Memories by Bessie Pease
Prism by Brian Evans
Sophia by Karen Neuburger
Sunset Safari by Julia Cairns

Red Rooster Fabrics

The Cat Party by Barabara Lavallee
Jezebel by Red Rooster Fabrics
Naturally Naturals by Red Rooster Fabrics
The Winding Ways Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini

RJR Fabrics

Celebrate 20/08 by Thimbleberries
English Countryside by Sue Beevers
Harvest Reflections Flannel by Thimbleberries
Jinny Beyer Collection by Jinny Beyer
October Glow by Thimbleberries
Tea for Two by RJR Fabrics
Violetta by Debbie Beaves

Robert Kaufman

All that Jazz by Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Artisan Batiks: Art Deco by Lunn Studios
Artisan Batiks: Asian Legacy by Lunn Studios
Artisan Batiks: Elementals by Lunn Studios
Artisan Batiks: Nature’s Rhythms by Lunn Studios
Artisan Batiks: Tango by Lunn Studios
Colorific! by Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Confections by Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Easy Riders by Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Empress Bouquet by Peggy Toole
Iota’s Garden by Iota
Seaport View by Dan Morris
Shell Grotto by Elizabeth Golz Rush
Simpatico by Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Sweet Tooth by Robert Kaufman Fabrics
Whispering Woods by Sandra Banava
The Wild Side by Dan Morris


Skydyes by Mickey Lawler


Floral Medley by Bart Raymond
Venetia by Bart Raymond

Textile Creations

Blue Magic by Textile Creations
Caledonia Gardens by Textile Creations
Cascades by Textile Creations
Hollow Ridge by Textile Creations
In Orbit by Textile Creations
Melting Pot by Textile Creations
Midnight Garden by Textile Creations
Mocha Magic by Textile Creations
Mood Indigo by Textile Creations
Sandpiper by Textile Creations
Stoney Creek by Textile Creations
Winding Ridge by Textile Creations

Timeless Treasures

Assorted Novelties by Timeless Treasures
Coffee House by Timeless Treasures
Groovy Geos by Timeless Treasures
Iris by Timeless Treasures
Marie Antoinette by Timeless Treasures
Meadow by Timeless Treasures
Misc. Collections by Becky Kelly
Penelope by Alice Kennedy
Road Trip by Timeless Treasures
Timeless Tapestry by Timeless Treasures


Kyoto by Westfalenstoffe


August Fields by Amy Butler
Kaffe Fassett Collective by Kaffe Fassett
Lily Rose by Carla Miller
Poinsettias & Holly by Martha Negley

Windham Fabrics

Misc. Collections by Windham Fabrics
Sweetpea by Jackie Shapiro
The Delft Collection by Williamsburg



Search by Color

Use Search by Color to find fabrics close in color to the selected fabric, or pick your own color to search for. Search through any or all of the Stash versions you have installed. Search through one or more manufacturers.

Search by Category

Use Search by Category to find fabrics close in color in certain theme(s) to the selected fabric. You can also pick your own color and categories to search for. Search through any or all of the manufacturers.

Use Stash to plan out the value scale of your next quilt

Print out a shopping list of all the fabrics you plan on using

Shopping bags even open in EQ, so color your next quilt with your Stash fabrics

Using with EQ

Using with EQ

All STASH fabrics can be used in EQ to color blocks and quilts.

Getting STASH fabrics into EQ is easy. The two programs will link together, letting you open the STASH fabrics from inside EQ’s Fabric Library.

Attention EQ5 Users!

The versions of Stash are so high now we have reached the limit of what the EQ5 library can show. Starting with Stash (19) Fall 2008 (and all future versions after that), you will be unable to link Stash to the EQ5 fabric library. This does not affect EQ6 or EQ7 users.

To use the newest Stash fabrics, you will need to 1) open Stash, 2) create and save a shopping bag in Stash, 3) and open that shopping bag in EQ5.

System Requirements

System requirements for Stash

  • Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, or Windows® 8
  • Runs on non-networked Windows NT
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 16 MB RAM suggested
  • Internet Explorer 8 or higher (download the most current version of Internet Explorer for free from

Will also run on a Macintosh® running Windows® plus emulation software (such as Parallels®)


2 Reviews

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  1. Kim Fruth

    “I have used EQ, but had never purchased any other Stash fabrics. Boy, what I have missed! I purchased the newest Stash fabrics and I am having a ball designing new quilts. It has given me new motivation, new creativity… Everything seems fresher …!”
    - Kim Fruth, Medina, Ohio

  2. Planet Patchwork

    “…With the introduction of STASH, The Electric Quilt Company has taken virtual fabric to a whole new level. This CD for Windows, which boasts more than 2,000 fabrics, is a standalone program. It allows you to view, organize, print, save, and export fabric swatches from the latest lines of fifteen of the world’s greatest fabric designers. And it doesn’t take up any space in your sewing room! … STASH reveals new ways to enhance our creativity each time we play.”
    - Planet Patchwork
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