Wreaths & Garland

Requires EQ7
Windows Software
Mac (OS X) Software
Download Only
Requires EQ7 or EQStitch software. Strip set and chain sewing make the wreath blocks quick and easy to piece. The garland blocks are made using the stitch and flip technique for the corners, all of which make this a very beginner friendly design. Let your fabric choices make the wreath shine or add a stunning holiday print in the wide border to really make it pop. For a quickie holiday gift for yourself or someone else? Make one complete wreath block as a table topper, add a lovely candle for the centerpiece and the table is ready for the holidays.
  • Designer: Denise Russart
  • Style: Pieced
  • Finished Size: 75" x 99"
  • Includes: PJ7 project, Block library, PDF instructions



Sewing Instructions

System Requirements

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