Our customer support team has that personalized, small-company feel to it. Because that’s what we are—a small company in Northwest, Ohio! If you are a beginner, we’ll guide you in your new EQ journey. If you’re more advanced, we’ll offer tips and tricks for the software that you may not be aware of. Our service to you does not stop at the sale. We’re happy to help you find any EQ solution!

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Click below to watch a demo of EQ8. If you have any questions, you can always contact our support team by clicking the chat button below.

“I use EQ8 for all the quilts I create. Besides my sewing machine it is my #1 tool I use for making quilts. I see instantly how [my quilts] will look without going to all the trouble of cutting fabric and then realizing it was not the right choice of fabric. It saves time, money, and is a tool that is a must have for anyone who desires to create, play, and design their own quilts. I LOVE MY EQ8!!!!”~ Carol M.

Are you Ready to Design Your Own Quilts?

From the quilt in your head to the quilt on your bed. Quilters like you are using Electric Quilt software to enhance their hobby or profession.

Join the thousands of quilters who are turning their ideas into reality. Start your EQ journey today!

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