What it is

We’ve worked very hard to bring you EQ7 running on Mac® OS X with the same functionality as the Windows® version. This original
Windows® program has been modified using Crossover libraries from Codeweavers Inc. Crossover allows Windows applications to run inside the Mac® OS X without any additional software. Crossover is not like other Windows® emulators. Rather, it supplies functions on the Mac® that are the equivalent of the operating system functions that Windows® applications use on the PC. The other emulators slow down programs. You’ll find that EQ7 for Mac® performs as fast on OS X as it does on Windows® since there is no emulation.

What it isn’t

Please understand that this is our first step into the world of Mac® applications. We understand your high expectations. Our Windows® version has had the benefit of years of testing. This Mac® application has not. We promise to continue to work with Codeweavers to address any issues that arise. We hope that you’ll help us with this, and that you’ll be patient with us as we continue to improve the program. Please submit any findings you discover using our tech support form on our website.

What you need to know

Here are few things you may find useful to know when running EQ7 for Mac® .

  • EQ7 may take longer than you’re used to when you launch the program.
  • In EQ7, all of the main worktables are considered the application window. This means that when you click the close button (the round, red one in the upper-left corner) of any worktable, you will close (or Quit) the application. In other words, it is just like pressing Command-Q to quit and application. Don’t worry. You’ll be prompted to save any of your unsaved designs on each worktable.
  • In the Project Helper box, your most recently used projects will show a drive letter that is “mapped” to your user folder. For example, if you have a project titled “FlowerQuilt,” you’ll see “Z:\…\FlowerQuilt.PJ7” in the list. The drive letter “Z” is mapped to your user folder. These are the same projects that you can see when you use Finder to navigate to Documents\My EQ7\PJ7. There is no need to worry about this drive letter since it only applies to EQ7 and you won’t see it in any other way. When you’re in EQ7, simply click on the project you want to open and click the Open button.

What if I’m new to EQ?

  • If you’re new to EQ, we consider the Videos found on the main menu essential.
  • We also encourage you to work through several of the lessons provided on the Help menu. The Quilt lessons give you the groundwork to use EQ successfully. These are easy to follow lessons that you can print and work through at your own pace.
  • Our website, www.electricquilt.com is a great resource for free project downloads, videos, lessons and more.
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