EQ7 for the Confident Beginner - Beyond the Basics with Barb Vlack

This class is now over.

Instructor: Barb Vlack
Date: Thursday, April 21, 2016 – Saturday, April 23, 2016
Location: Perrysburg, OH
Skill level: Confident Beginner

Let’s make EQ7 into your favorite video game! See how much fun it is to draw blocks in the program, to “reverse engineer” quilt layouts from pictures or patterns so you can discover how they were designed in order to edit the layout, to audition colors and fabrics, and to design border treatments that can turn your quilt into a show stopper. Learn the basics for drawing with EasyDraw and PatchDraw (for pieced blocks and applique). Create original blocks to add to My Library. Explore the ways the many quilt layout possibilities in the program will help you craft variations of your basic quilt design. Practice how to use the Layout Library and Custom Set to design with blocks of different sizes and to size or resize the overall quilt.

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