The Goals for EQ8 (Mac)

The goals of this update are:

  • To address the lag issues that were happening with a variety of functions in EQ8 on the new Mac computers with the M1 chip processor.

TIME FRAME: May 12 – 18, 2021

Note: If you receive a 5013 error after installing, please use this deactivation utility to clear your activations.

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Reporting a Bug

If you find a bug, please report it by clicking Help > Report a Bug on the main menu.

Note: We prefer you use the option in the Help menu rather than bookmarking the web page and using the bookmarked page over and over again. When you use the Help menu, your Beta version number gets pulled into the form, which is very helpful to us.

We appreciate all findings, but the most valuable and helpful findings are the bugs that have reproducible steps. For example, if your EQ8 locked up (crashed) when you clicked the Paintbrush tool, but when you open EQ8 and click the Paintbrush tool again and it works fine, that’s not helpful. We need you to figure out the sequence of steps that made that crash happen. Sometimes it’s not an easy task.

Please be very specific when reporting bugs. Upload screen shots and/or your EQ8 project file if it will help us get a better idea of what you’re saying.

Bad bug report: When I click on the Paintbrush tool, nothing happens.

Good bug report: I’m on the Block Worktable, Color tab. When I click the Paintbrush tool, the fabrics display in the palette, but my cursor does not change to a Paintbrush cursor and I cannot color any patches. It’s the arrow cursor. When I switch to the Spraycan tool, everything works fine. Switching back to Paintbrush, I’m still unable to color. The Paintbrush tool works fine on the Quilt Worktable. Note: I have my ribbon on the left side and small tools in my palette.

Changelog: Things to watch out for/try

Please check out the items listed below, but most importantly, please continue to use EQ8 like you normally would. We need to fully test all features of EQ8, not just the ones listed below. Thank you!
If you would like a checklist of these issues to print, please click here to download a PDF version.

Original Beta release: May 12, 2021

WARNING! Please be sure you back up all your project files and libraries! This is a Beta version which means there could be issues. Please make a copy of your My EQ8 folder and name it My EQ8 Backup. You’ll know that’s the good folder once you’re done with the testing period. Click here for instructions on finding your My EQ8 folder >>

Compatibility with Mac M1 Chip Processor

Addressed multiple issues causing noticeable lag when performing functions related to opening and saving projects. This included but was not limited to:

  • Opening Project Helper window via File > Open Project, the Open button, or the Open option on the Home screen
  • Selecting projects in the Project Helper window
  • Opening projects (all methods)
  • Creating a new project via the Project Helper window
  • Saving a project
  • Add to Sketchbook
  • Adding a new Auto Border to the quilt
  • Opening and using the Libraries if there are add-ons linked to that library
  • Editing blocks directly from the Block Library to the Block Worktable
  • Adding Serendipity blocks to the Sketchbook – lag happens when the Serendipity dialog closes

Bug Fixes

Addressed error messages and crashing issues related to the following actions:

  • Selecting a photo from the Photo Library and choosing Edit to Image Worktable.
  • Selecting a Fabric from the Fabric Library and choosing Edit to Image Worktable.
  • Restoring defaults occasionally caused a “Sharing Violation” error message and a crash.
  • Could not create a Favorites Library.

Removed the non-functional “Check for Updates” option from the File menu.

Various other bug fixes.