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Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns by Barbara Brackman (Third Edition) and Blockbase+ Software

Barbara Brackman’s classic quilter’s resource, the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns book, has been republished with NEW BLOCKS and in FULL COLOR! Use the book to identify blocks, learn their names and where they were first published, or browse the 522 pages for endless inspiration! This book is a must-have for any quilter, and makes a great gift!
The Encyclopedia is brought to life on the computer with this re-release of the Electric Quilt Company’s top-selling BlockBase+ software. Take a nice “scroll” through all the categories while viewing the blocks in gorgeous colorings, in grayscale values, or as line drawings. This stand-alone software (for Windows or Mac computers) lets you easily print rotary-cutting instructions, templates, foundation patterns, export image files, or export SVG files at any size for all 4,000+ pieced blocks from Brackman’s new Encyclopedia. View more information >>

Encyclopedia MSRP: $59.95     |     BlockBase+ MSRP: $119.95

Best-selling Products

Electric Quilt 8 Quilt Design Software

Electric Quilt 8 is the most user-friendly quilt design software on the market! Use the 6,000+ copyright-free blocks to design unique quilts and “color” them with 6,000+ manufacturer fabrics! Want more? Draw your own blocks and import your own fabrics! Print rotary-cutting charts, templates, or foundation patterns for your blocks and fabric yardage estimates for your whole quilt! The Electric Quilt Company provides all tech support for any purchase via email, live chat, or phone. View more information >>

Electric Quilt 8 MSRP: $239.95


Electric Quilt 8 Companion Books

The EQ8 Lessons for Beginners book is the best book for going step-by-step through lessons to learn the ins and outs of the program. Every EQ8 user should start with this book! The EQ8 Designing More Quilts book is full of lessons that cover all sorts of design techniques! Lessons include designing a panel quilt, creating optical illusions, and so much more! The EQ8 Drawing Blocks book is for those interested in drawing unique blocks. Learn to draw both pieced and applique blocks in this step-by-step lesson book. The EQ8 Block Library book is simply a catalog of the block designs included in the EQ8 software library. Browse the 6,000+ colorful blocks for endless inspiration! View more information >>

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EQ Printable Inkjet Fabric

Print sharp, photo-quality images onto these amazingly soft inkjet fabric sheets. Take photos with your camera or use a scanner for old hand-written letters, a child’s artwork, or any cherished item you’d like to use in your next project. Once printed, let the ink dry, peel off the plastic backing, and soak. When the fabric dries, sew! It’s that easy! (For inkjet printers only.) View more information >>

Available in three different thread counts; multiple sizes and sheet counts. See Wholesale Catalog for prices.


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