Have you heard about Electric Quilt 8 software?

EQ8 is the most user-friendly design software for quilters! Design your quilts and blocks, then print foundations, templates, rotary cutting directions, fabric estimates, and more! If you’re not ready to design your own, there are over 6,000 blocks and lots of pre-designed layouts and borders for you to start with! Watch this video, then scroll down to learn more!

In Electric Quilt 8, you can…

Design quilts at any size!

Start with a layout from the library, or choose a pre-designed Quick Quilt project for instant inspiration. For complete control, design your layout from scratch! Choose any layout style—from traditional, to modern, to a completely custom design. Adjust your layout settings to make your quilt exactly as you like.

Create custom-designed layouts and borders too!

NEW: Quick Quilt t-shirt project and more!

Draw block patterns of all sizes and styles!

EQ8 has full drawing capabilities to create any kind of block. Draft your block from scratch, use the built-in grids or import a photo or sketch to trace.

The Block Library is full of over 6,700 pre-drawn designs ready for you to use in your quilt designs. Use these blocks as they are, or edit them to add your own touch. Use existing blocks to create completely new ones with the Serendipity feature!

NEW: Applique shape presets!

Scan and import fabric

Scan your fabric or take a picture of it, then import the image into EQ8. Use the scaling, straightening and cropping tools to make sure your fabric looks as accurate as possible.

You can also add fabrics from the web! Download fabric images from a website, then import into EQ8.

The EQ8 Fabric Library comes pre-loaded with 6,200 fabrics from top manufacturers!

NEW: Fabric scaling and straightening tools!

Calculate yardage

Get yardage estimates for your quilt, including borders! You choose the appropriate fabric width to get the most accurate requirements. Using fat quarters? No problem! If you make changes to your quilt, your yardage automatically updates. No math involved! Printouts include the fabric name and SKU.

NEW: Print fat quarter estimates!

Print blocks

Print foundations, templates, and rotary cutting directions for the blocks in your quilt. EQ uses the sizes you defined for the blocks and adds the seam allowance, where necessary.

NEW: Print foundations in color!

Export images

Are you submitting your quilt design to a magazine? EQ8 exports high-resolution images perfect for print publications.

Export web images to post on your blog, website or on social media. Link your Facebook account to EQ8 so you can easily share images of your designs with your friends and followers.

NEW: Share quilt designs to Facebook!

Are you ready to purchase EQ8 software?

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