Updated 3/18/2014. We are currently developing a Mac version of EQ7. We are releasing the Mac version to our current Windows EQ7 users first in the form of a downloadable migration kit. Migration kits for current EQ7 owners are available now. The full version of EQ7 for Mac (for those who don’t currently own EQ7 for Windows) will be available April/May. It will be available for download as well as in a boxed version for shipping. Please check our blog post with details.
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EQ7 is programmed for the Windows Operating System. We now have Apple OSX users using our programs on their Macs through emulation software such as Parallels Desktop or by setting up a Windows dual boot environment using Bootcamp.

Why do we not have a Mac version? It’s not for lack of trying. We tried to develop a Mac version, working with a wonderful developer who worked for Apple. He worked on a program for three years, even traveling to quilt shows with us to talk to quilters. But unfortunately, by the time he finished his program technology and the “wish list” had changed, and we all decided that if we brought it out it would only result in a stream of complaints and insistence that it do everything that the then current EQ did.

We think Macs are fabulous computers and value our Mac users; we just want to be able to provide the high level of programming expected and best support we can, without spreading ourselves too thin.

Our Electric Quilt/Mac users have their own support group on Yahoo. It is a free email/forum group you can join. Check out their group here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EQonMacs/. This group will provide an additional level of support to any quilters using, or considering using, Electric Quilt on a Mac. The original Info-EQ list and EQ tech support are great primary resources, but sometimes it’s also helpful to talk to other Mac users when questions arise.

Here is a podcast giving you much more information about running PC programs on a Mac.

Parallels LogoImportant Note to Parallel Desktop Users

A new purchase of Parallel Desktop comes with 30 days of paid support free of charge. It is to your advantage to setup Parallel Desktop and EQ7 within the first 30 days of owning Parallel Desktop to take advantage of this if you run into any problems.

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