Note: We are in the process of transferring all of our class and teacher info to the new EQ Classes site. More details coming soon!

Thank you for your interest in teaching EQ8! We are happy to provide you with information about setting up an EQ8 classroom and provide resources to make your teaching experience more enjoyable. Please read below for more information.

What You Need to Get Started

  • A laptop computer with EQ8 installed and activated.
  • A thorough knowledge of EQ8. Must you know every feature and function? No, not necessarily. But you should be an experienced user, and have your own ideas on how to help students learn, based on your own experience.
  • Access to a projector to project your computer screen so students can see it. (Recommended for classes with 5 or more students.)
  • (Optional) Ability to easily copy files to install EQ8 Classroom Edition on students’ computers.

You have our permission.
EQ has no teacher certification. We don’t have “staff educators.” You can become an EQ educator just by developing and teaching your own EQ class or class series. You’re independent from us. Students will determine whether or not you’re a good teacher, and if you are, you’ll have more teaching opportunities.

What We Have to Help


Do you have a class scheduled?
We will help promote your class. Send us your class information.

EQ8 Classroom Edition

Do students not already own EQ8? Or will students work on classroom computers?
Are students required to own EQ8, or will you offer the EQ8 Classroom Edition for those who want to try before they buy? For more info on the EQ8 Classroom Edition, please contact us.

Common issues

Do students already have EQ7/EQ8?
Be sure to require each student do this before coming to class:

  • Connect to the Internet
  • Open EQ7/EQ8

This ensures their EQ7/EQ8 is activated, validated and they are ready for your class.

Do you use an overhead projector?
Be aware that connecting your laptop to a projector may effect the resolution of your computer screen, and therefore effect the way EQ8 displays on your screen. It’s best to make sure your screen resolution is set to 100% before connecting to a projector.

Be aware that screen resolution changes can sometimes makes EQ7 palettes display off the screen, where they can’t be seen. If you click the Set Block tool and do not see the blocks palette, restore defaults. After opening EQ7 for the first time after connecting to the projector: Click FILE > Preferences > Restore > Restore Default Settings. EQ7 will close. When you reopen it, and click the Set Block (or Paintbrush tool, for example), you will see the palette.

Classroom Resources

We have class resources available in the Teacher section of our website. Contact us to request login information to access that part of the website.