EQ users want hands-on classes! Do you have what it takes to teach EQ classes? Then we’ve got ways to help you.

What it Takes

There is demand. You supply the class just by teaching. EQ users are looking for EQ7 classes in their local areas. They will even travel to take classes.  Most now have laptops.

You have our permission.
EQ has no teacher certification. We don’t have staff “educators.” So you can become an EQ educator just by developing and teaching your own EQ7 class or class series. You’re independent from us. You don’t need our permission.  It’s your class. Students will determine whether or not you’re a good teacher, and if you are you’ll have more teaching opportunities.

What you need to get started:

  • A laptop computer with EQ7 installed and activated.
  • Access to a projector to project your computer screen so students can see it. (*see our tip about this below)
  • Ability to easily move and overwrite files, to install EQ7 on student computers if necessary.
  • A thorough knowledge of EQ7, developed from years of using the software. Must you know every feature and function?  No, not necessarily. But you should be an experienced user, and have your own ideas on how to help students learn, based on your own experience.

What We Have to Help


Do you have a class scheduled?
We will publicize your class. Send us your class information.

Teacher CD

Do students not already own EQ7? Or will students work on classroom computers?
Our Teacher CD lets you install EQ7 so all students can work along with you. If students without EQ7 bring their laptops, or you have a class computer lab without EQ7, then we have a Teacher CD you can order, which allows you to install EQ7 on any number of computers,  for any of your classes. And there’s no need for the Internet. This lets students experiment with EQ7 in class, before they own it.

If you already have a Teacher login from us, simply login to get more information about the “Teacher CD,” how to order it, and how it works.  If you do not have a Teacher login yet, please contact us to receive your login information.

Know the common mistakes teachers have made, so you can avoid them

Do students already have EQ7?
Be sure to require each student do this before coming to class:

  • Connect to the Internet
  • Open EQ7

This ensures their EQ7 is activated, validated and “class-ready.”  It’s like being tanned, rested and ready!

Do you use an overhead projector?
Be aware that if so, the screen resolution changes dramatically, and sometimes makes EQ palettes display off the screen, where they can’t be seen.  Avoid this, and the panic of clicking the Set Block tool and not seeing your block palette by doing this before class.  After opening EQ7 for the first time showing it on the “big screen”: Click FILE > Preferences > Restore  > Restore Default Settings. EQ7 will close. When you reopen it, and click the Set Block (or Paintbrush tool, for example), you will see the palette.

Classroom Resources

We have tons of resources for your class in the Teacher section of our website. Contact us to request login information to access that part of the website.