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EQStitch Embroidery Design Software

Requires EQ7
Windows Software

Item #: A-STITCH

Requires EQ7 software. Now EQ can SEW! EQStitch is an EQ7 plug-in for designing and digitizing embroidery & machine appliqué. This auto-digitizer makes your EQ drawings come to life with embroidery, machine appliqué, quilting and redwork. Supports multiple embroidery machine formats. Includes over 500 built-in designs. Perfect for new embroidery machine owners or beginning embroiderers. Watch the videos to see if this software is for you.



Must-See Videos About EQStitch

Introducing EQStitch (1:54)

EQStitch – Basics (3:12)

EQStitch – Redwork & Quilting (2:02)

EQStitch – Monograms and Letters (1:45)

Dream ~ Design ~ DIGITIZE!!

EQStitch is an auto-digitizer EQ drawings and a perfect fit for the new embroidery machine owner or beginning embroiderer. As an EQ7 user, you’ll find learning the auto-digitizing elements of EQStitch easy as the tools are already familiar to you. You’ll be able to create embroidery designs in minutes and incorporate the designs into your quilt designing. No other product on the market, at this price point, allows complete quilt design and digitizing in one!

What is a Plug-in?

This plug-in will convert your EQ7 to EQStitch. But don’t worry, EQStitch includes all the great features of EQ7, plus it’s enhanced with a Stitching worktable that uses tools already familiar to you. This new worktable gives you the ability to digitize any EQ drawings for embroidery, machine applique or quilting.
Plug-in for EQ7

Embroidery, Redwork & Quilting

Adorable designs, redwork and quilting stencils for all occasions! Use any of the 310 embroidery design in the library, or draw your own. Import photos for tracing to make drawing freehand a bit easier. Choose from 19 different fill styles, and adjust the angle and density to fit your design. Adjust the underlay settings to give your design stability. Easily add a Steil Stitch edge (similar to a satin stitch) to your design if you like. Or, for redwork and those special accents, use a Bean Stitch edge. There are so many options to play with!

Machine Appliqué

Your friends will be impressed! Personalize anything by adding machine applique! Use your favorite fabrics and a Zigzag (similar to the embroidery Steil stitch, or a basic satin stitch) or an E-stitch (like blanket stitch) edge. It’s fun and easy to see these designs come to life. Adjust the density settings of the Zigzag stitch for a looser edge, or try the E-stitch. This edge stitch adds some pizazz to your applique designs. Print templates for the applique, as well as the alignment pattern for the hoop. EQStitch includes over 200 machine applique designs in the library!
Machine Applique

More Help

Help is at your fingertips! We’ve added 33 minutes of video tutorials, 6 step-by-step PDF lessons, 12 How Do I? topics and a full digitizing section in the Help files. Choose the appropriate learning style for you…or do them all!

Yvonne Menear, author of the Learning EQStitch book, is a great resource for EQStitch users. She is happy to answer your questions on the EQ Forum or on her EQStitch Yahoo Group.

Lettering & Monograms

EQStitch has a Text tool! The drawing tools on the Stitching worktable are identical to those on the Applique tab of the Block worktable…except for the new Text tool! This makes lettering and monogramming so easy! Choose from ANY True-Type font on your computer to stitch out or cut for applique. Once the text is converted to patches, you can move, resize and rotate each letter for even more personalization.

Digitize and Export!

Creating your digitized file is easy! Draw your design, or edit one of the 500 designs (300+ embroidery and 200+ machine applique) in the library. Then choose the best fill, underlay and edge stitching for your design. Use the automatic sort threads tool before you write the file to eliminate unnecessary thread color changes when stitching. Watch a simulation of the stitching to see exactly how the design will stitch. Go back and make changes before exporting the file.
simulate stitching

Standard and custom hoop sizes are available. Export the file for any of these machine types:

  • Baby Lock/Brother (*.PES)
  • Elna/Janome/Kenmore (*.SEW)
  • Janome/Elna (*.JEF)
  • Melco/Bernina (*.EXP)
  • Pfaff (*.PCS)
  • Singer (*.XXX)
  • Tajima (*.DST)
  • Viking (*.HUS)
  • Viking D1 (*.SHV)
  • Viking/Pfaff (*.VIP)
  • Viking/Pfaff (*.VP3)


Note: You can import any of these file types into EQStitch as well. However, since these are already digitized files, they cannot be edited within EQStitch. Once imported, they act as images to use for placement on a quilt. They can be colored, resized, rotated and moved on the Quilt worktable.

Embellish your Quilts

See your Stitchings on your quilts! There is no other product on the market that allows complete quilt design AND the ability to digitize embroidery and machine applique in one! Each time you save a stitching design, an embellishment gets added to your Sketchbook as well. Embellishments are used on Layer 3 of your quilt layout for positioning your design. If your embellishment looks too small for your quilt, go back to the Stitching worktable, adjust the size of the design (including the hoop size most likely) and Add to Sketchbook again. A NEW embellishment of the right size will be ready for you to use on your quilt.

Free Design

Will EQStitch Work for You?

Not sure if EQStitch digitized files will work with your machine? Try one! Download this sample design and try it on your embroidery machine!

Electric Quilt will not be held liable for any monetary losses or consequential damages as a result of using this design.


Software includes:

The list below is in addition to what’s already included in EQ7.
  • 33 minutes of video tutorials
  • 6 step-by-step how-to lessons
  • 12 “How Do I?” topics
  • Over 300 built-in embroidery and quilting designs
  • Over 200 built-in machine applique designs
  • 19 embroidery fill stitch styles
  • 4 embroidery edge stitch styles (Run, Bean, Double Run and Steil)
  • 2 machine applique edge stitch styles (Zigzag and E-stitch)
  • Supports any hoop size
  • Stitching worktable for drawing custom designs
  • Easily convert TrueType fonts to stitch out or cut for applique
  • Create single line graphics and outlines using run, double-run, bean or steil stitch styles
  • Create fill areas using 19 different fill styles
  • Edit stitch angle and density for fill areas
  • Set underlay properties including styles, density, stitch length and inset
  • Enables combining embroidery and machine applique in one design
  • Stitch count is automatically recalculated when the design is resized
  • Set the start stitch point
  • Set the background color
  • View the designs in 3D mode or in “stitch” mode
  • Stitch simulator shows actual sewing order
  • Print with or without cross hairs for accurate placement
  • Design quilts using your custom embroidery, machine applique and quilting designs
  • Converts existing embroidery files to images for quilt design

Software supports:

  • 32-bit and 64-bit computers
  • Netbooks

Formats supported include:

*.DST, *.EXP, *.HUS, *.JEF, *.PCS, *.PES, *.SEW, *.SHV, *.VIP, *.VP3, *.XXX.

Included in DVD case:

  • DVD for installation
  • Instruction booklet
  • No dongle required


Basic frequently asked questions

Find more information on our Support wiki.
  • Q: I have a Bernina that accepts *.ART files. Should I buy EQStitch?
    A: EQStitch only exports *.EXP files for Bernina. The *.ART file is a proprietary of Bernina so EQStitch cannot export that file type. Older Berninas do not accept the *.EXP file, but some of the newer ones do. Please contact Bernina with questions regarding the *.EXP file type and your machine.

  • Q: Do I need to install EQ7 on my new computer before installing EQStitch?
    A: No, you only need your EQ7 (or EQ7 Upgrade) license ID and password, along with the EQStitch DVD, EQStitch license ID and password during installation.

  • Q: If EQ7 is already installed, can I install EQStitch too?
    A: Yes, you can install EQStitch if EQ7 is already installed. EQStitch will convert your EQ7 into EQStitch. You will not be able to use each program separately since EQStitch is a plug-in, not a separate software.

  • Q: I have EQ7 Upgrade. Do I need to install EQ6 and then EQ7 Upgrade before installing EQStitch?
    A: No, you only need to install EQStitch.

  • Q: I have EQStitch. My friend only has EQ7. Can we still share projects?
    A: Absolutely. EQStitch creates *.P7E project files that are proprietary to EQStitch. However, you can export *.PJ7 files for use in EQ7 very easily from the File menu.

  • Q: I teach EQ7. If I install EQStitch, will my students have problems following along?
    A: No, your students will find no confusion as the software itself is the same as it’s been. Just ignore the Stitching worktable and library during your lesson. Or, use it as a selling tool for EQStitch! ;-)

  • Q: If I open an EQ7 project in EQStitch, will it digitize my EQ7 designs?
    A: Yes and no. The only designs that can be digitized are designs on the Artwork tab of the Stitching worktable, which only exists in EQStitch. However, any drawings from the Applique tab of the Block worktable can be copied and then pasted to the Artwork tab of the Stitching worktable. Then the design can be digitized.

  • Q: Will EQStitch auto-digitize my photos?
    A: No, EQStitch can only auto-digitize EQ drawings. Anything drawn on the Artwork tab of the Stitching worktable can be digitized.

  • Q: Where can I get more help?
    A: EQStitch is full of lessons, videos and online help already, but you can also get more help from other resources. Our technical support wiki includes the latest information for installing and using EQStitch. Watch for an EQ with Me lesson book called, Learning EQStitch by Yvonne Menear. This book is a fantastic companion to EQStitch. Watch for it in late March of 2013.

  • Q: Can I export files for my longarm quilting machine?
    A: No, EQStitch files are for home embroidery machines like Janome, Bernina, Singer, Pfaff, Viking, Kenmore, Baby Lock and Brother. There is no exporting option available for computer-guided quilting machines such as, CompuQuilter, IntelliQuilter, Statler Stitcher, PC Quilter, HandiQuilter.

System Requirements

System requirements for EQStitch

  • Requires Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7) software
  • Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®, Windows 8®, or Windows 10®
  • Internet access (Internet required for activation, deactivation, and periodic validations.)
  • 1 GB of available hard-disk space
  • DVD-ROM drive

Recommended system requirements for EQStitch

  • Monitor with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater
  • Adobe® Reader®
  • Sound card for demo videos

Activation information

  • Internet access is required for activation, deactivation, and periodic validations
  • Unlimited installations
  • Activations can be easily transferred between computers
  • Two (2) computers may be simultaneously active


Find a class at EQ University

Learn how to design your own embroidery and machine applique with EQStitch! Yvonne Menear teaches you to digitize your own designs! Enroll now!


33 Reviews

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  1. admin

    Hi Brenda,
    Unfortunately, no, we do not have plans for an EQStitch for Mac at this time.
    -Sara @EQ

  2. Brenda

    Question: Are there any plans to produce a MAC compatible version? Like a lot of people I moved over to MAC some time ago and am frustrated that next to no-one is producing this type of software for us. I have EQ7 for MAC.

  3. admin

    Hi Melodye. Yes, it will do lettering in a Run stitch, Bean stitch, Double-Run and a Satin/Steil stitch.

  4. Melodye

    Question: Will this software do lettering in a running stitch (i.e. not satin)? Thanks

  5. admin

    No, EQStitch is a Windows-only plug-in.

  6. Karen Hall

    Does this work with the EQ7 for Mac too?

  7. admin

    You can import those file types, but since they are already “digitized” files, you cannot edit them in EQ. You’ll need to trace them on the drawing worktable, then you can export them for your machine. Importing them in their current formats will only allow you to audition them on your quilt for size and placement.

  8. Diane Wood

    I like to do redwork on my embroidery machine. Is it possible to import a design (jef) to use with EQ Stitch or a design in a jpeg/gif format to digitize?

  9. Jodi Scaltreto

    I do love EQ Stitch I have been using EQ since version 6 and have done so many quilts using my own scanned in fabrics and laying out the work. I think it is the best program around easy to us and the stitch feature is sooooo nice for those of us who do not want to spend $$$ on a fancy embroidery design program. I have used the trace feature of EQ to make anime quilts for my son who is 31 and loves the My Ponies and other anime characters. You folks at EQ have done a great job!!

  10. admin

    EQStitch will export a *.PES file for Brother machines. So if your PE-700 accepts a *.PES file, then EQStitch will definitely work for your machine. Please contact us if you have any more questions.

  11. Sherri Khania

    does it work with a bother embroidery machine PE-700,how does the embroidery read it

  12. admin

    Hi Mary,
    EQStitch only exports *.EXP files for Bernina. The *.ART file is a proprietary of Bernina so EQStitch cannot export that file type. Older Berninas do not accept the *.EXP file, but some of the newer ones do. Please contact Bernina with questions regarding the *.EXP file type and your machine.

  13. Mary Connolly

    I have a Bernina QE 440 that I bought several years ago (2005 or 2006). As far as I know, the only file type that it will accept is .ART. Will the EQ Stitch work with this model?

  14. Sandy states she wants to see EQStitch as an advanced super stitch program! Although this is a beginner to intermediate level of auto digitizing software program, you are able to really do a lot of advanced stuff with it. Pushing the limits of the program to see what can be designed beyond the auto digitizing functions is what I do all the time. Once you learn the basics you can go from there to create all kinds of stitch combinations that work seamlessly with our embroidery machines. I am considering sponsoring a cruise to Alaska next year with a teaching component to focus on advanced digitizing principles with EQStitch.

    Yvonne Menear
    EQ7/EQStitch educator
    Author EQStitch companion book

  15. Sandy

    First, thank you, thank you to all involved in creating EQ Stitch! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at digitizing my designs for several years but couldn’t justify paying for expensive software to try something I might not enjoy. EQ Stitch is exactly what I needed at a reasonable price. Fair warning, though: if I really fall in love with digitizing, I will want EQ to develop Super Stitch for advanced digitizers!

  16. Sandy Shuttleworth

    I just finished doing some of my lessons in the new EQ Stitch book and I am so happy I purchased it to go along with the program. I have even learned things about the EQ Quilting part I did not know I had. Thank you so much for such a nice add-on to my quilting program.

    After doing the lesson where we designed the embroidery and the quilt, I said I was going to make that quilt.

    I wanted to let you know I’m very pleased with the program, I also do digitizing in a program that came with my sewing machine, but this is so much more designed for what I like doing and that’s quilting.

  17. admin


    Yes the Artlink software will seemlessly convert the .EXP files EQStitch digitizes into .ART files since both are native Bernina file formats. We have spoken with several Bernina owners and this solution is working for them.

    Electric Quilt Company

  18. Linda


    Hi Barbara,

    I have an Artista 185E. There is a work around for your machine as it is a newer model than mine, so if it works on mine it should yours.

    You need to download the current Artlink software from the Bernina website – it’s a free download.
    It think this should work with EQ Stitch as it does for the embroidery software I currently have – Creative Drawings 5 with Wings Modular. I am a novice with this software but have figured how to get it to work with the 185. Creative Drawings is powerful and a steep learning curve. Thinking of getting EQ Stitch as it sounds nice and easy! But will need to know if this work around will work with EQ Stitch too.

    I create a design (only text to date!) in ‘Creative Drawings 5′ and save my files in .PES format. Then I open the file in Wings (the digitising part), tweak it if necessary and save it again in .PES format. I then open Artlink and open the .PES file in the Artlink software. You get a dialogue box on screen which asks if you still want to open the file as it’s not .ART and you choose yes. You then tweak your design within the Artlink software, save it and send it to your machine from there. Artlink can change the .PES file (apparently – read that somewhere), but you just use Artlink to ensure it will stitch out properly by checking the stitches etc.

    It’s all still double dutch to me but at least I can create and stitch with the 185. Once you get the hang of it, it’s not too bad.

    Maybe someone can confirm IF THIS OPTION IS POSSIBLE USING EQ STITCH instead of Creative Drawings and before the sale ends :-) .

    Looking forward to some feedback from those ‘in the know’.


  19. Deb Titus

    For the lady who has a Bernina 200, your machine will stitch EXP as well as the ART that you usually use.

  20. Susan–I am glad you are able to work with the EQStitch software so easily. EQ got it right when they bundled quilt design with embroidery digitzing! If you have any questions about the EQStitch use there is a yahoo group specifically for that. You can find it at
    Yvonne Menear
    EQ7/EQStitch educator
    Author EQStitch companion book

  21. Susan Wayne

    When I bought my embroidery machine I was told that the digitizing software was approx. $800. That was not in the budget so I was buying designs online and on DVD’s which was getting expensive. I use my EQ7 program all the time to design my quilts so when I saw the EQ Stitch, I ordered it. It is amazing!! So easy to use, and for the price, the absolutely BEST software for designing your own embroidery designs plus it does so much more!! Thank you EQ for this amazing software!! My embroidery machine will be getting quite a workout from now on :)

  22. Jane asked if you can echo quilt or do cross hatch stitches on a quilt with EQStitch. The answer is ‘yes’. Stencils for cross hatching are built into the program and you just need to open them and assign the stitch type you want to use. Echo quilting would require your to bring in the quilt block with the motif you have into a backgroung image and then drawing the echo outline around the motif. Once the first outline is created you simply coyp and paste it in increasing sizes around the motif until the block is echoed to the amount you want. Export that as a stitch file and hoop your quilt with the block centered in the hoop and stitch your echo designs. Creating a template for placement would be recommended as the stitches really need to match your motif that you are echoing.
    Yvonne Menear
    EQ7/EQStitch Educator
    Author EQStitch companion book

  23. Jane Welch

    I have an embroidery machine and software but would like to be able to echo quilt and do cross-hatching on quilt squares. Can that be accomplished with the new software?

    Thanks for your reply!

  24. Yvonne Menear

    Glad to see that people have received their EQStitch software and beginnin to work with it. Viewing the built in videos and working through the built in lessons is a good place to start. It really is an easy program to work with. There is now an EQStitch yahoo group for discussions about this program.
    Yvonne Menear
    Educator EQ7/EQStitch
    Author EQStitch companion book

  25. JoAnn Banks

    I installed last night and just finished all 6 lessons tonight. This software is great. I also have another digitizing software but wanted EQStitch as well. Wow, EQStitch is so much easier to learn than other digitizing software. So far, I love this. Thanks EQ staff!

  26. Yvonne Menear

    You are correct. The older models of Bernina machines only accept the .art stitch files. Unfortunately, the Bernina company has restricted this .art file format to their software program only. No other digitizing software can write .art files or convert existing stitch files to .art. The newer Bernina machines support the .exp file extension and EQStitch can indeed write that format for their machines. Unless you upgrade to a newer model of Bernina embroidery machine, you will have to use Bernina software to write an .art file for your machine.
    Yvonne Menear
    EQ7/EQStitch educator
    Author EQStitch companion book

  27. Barbara Cerauskis

    I love my EQ7!! I was so excited when I saw EQ Stitch….only to be disappointed!! I have a Bernina Artista 200. As far as I can tell EQ Stitch doesn’t support the .art format! I am so disappointed!

  28. Yvonne Menear

    Going to Houston Quilt show this fall? EQStitch is being taught there as a hands-on class. The tools to use to digitize in this program are so very easy to use. And you can use all the motif blocks and quilt stencil blocks in EQ7 to automatically create your embroidery designs if you choose not to draw your own.
    Yvonne Menear
    EQ7/EQStitch educator
    Author EQStitch companion book

  29. Anna Hester

    I have just ordered and I am so excited. I have other programs but this one looks like it will be easy to use. I make prayer quilts for my church and I plan on using this program in that project as well as personal projects. I could not believe the price as compared to what I had paid for the other programs.

  30. Betsy Bucsanyi

    I love my EQ7 software, I can design a quilt for my customers using their fabrics choices and they love that option to see it before I make the actual quilt. To be able to add embroidery will be awesome! Patiently waiting to be able to order the EQ7 Stitch Plug-in! Checking every day til I can order it. Thanks EQ7 designers!

  31. Yvonne Menear

    I have been teaching quilting and machine embroidery for many years. I always combine my embroidery into my quilting. I had to use two separate programs to accomplish this in the past. With the new EQStitch software, any one can digitize and create the quilt all in one program. This is great for the beginner to intermediate machine embroidery student. The tools are the same for both functions so the learning curve is much easier. I love the fact that I will be able to teach this new program!

  32. Ann Pigneri

    EQ7 is a GREAT program and EQStitch is a fabulous plug-in, especially for the price!!

  33. Sindy Rodenmayer

    I absolutely love the Electric Quilt software. It is a daily part of my creative “ME” time. I had an embroidery machine but knew nothing about embroidery. I am terrible at reading and following instructions. However, watching how something is done really sticks with me. It was delightful to find that EQStitch has wonderful teaching videos included. Anytime I got confused, I could just run the video again. Since I am so new to embroidery, I wondered if I would be able to actually take my design and stitch it. I was depending heavily on EQStitch to do everything for me. I transferred the file and put all my trust into the great folks at EQ. Guess what? It worked! I made a beautiful embroidery design all on my own. I firmly believe anyone can use EQStitch and jump right into creating special projects. This is a fantastic tool for any embroidery stitcher.

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