Prices and shipping fees do not include import duties or tariffs. These charges are always the recipient’s responsibility.

Import duties and tariffs change periodically and The Electric Quilt Company encourages you to research and know your country’s policies before placing an order.

Estimated Time of Delivery

We send international orders via International Airmail. Delivery time varies by country, but is estimated to be within 2-4 weeks.

The USPS has a list of countries where service has been disrupted.

European Union and United Kingdom

EQ8, Upgrade from EQ7 to EQ8, BlockBase+, and shipped products are not available for purchase to customers in the European Union (EU) and United Kingdom (UK). Boxed versions of Electric Quilt 8, the Upgrade from EQ7 to EQ8, and other shipped products, are available through our European Partners.

Please support our partners by purchasing from one of them.

Read Special Notices for EU and UK customers here.