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Quilt Design Wizard

Windows Software

Item #: A-QDW05

QDW is a quilt design software for beginning quilters and beginning computer users. It is an inexpensive way for you to try quilt designing on your computer for the first time.



Video Overview

Beginner quilt design software

QDW is a software for beginning quilters and beginning computer users. It is an inexpensive way for you to try quilt designing on your computer for the first time. If you only need simple pieced blocks, straight/horizontal layouts, on-point layouts, and want to play with color, then Quilt Design Wizard may be for you.

Design your own quilt

Start by selecting a layout style, mattress size, and block size. Then add borders. Quilt Design Wizard™ guides you step-by-step using an easy point-and-click method.

Select from 200 quilt blocks colored with beautiful fabric and ready to set into your layout. Blocks are color-coordinated in color families to help you choose blocks that work well together. You’ll be an instant designer with the Wizard’s help.

Design quilts

Print patterns and yardage

Color the borders and you’re ready to print! Quilt Design Wizard™ prints fabric yardage estimates, rotary cutting charts, and sewing instructions for each block. If you prefer templates or foundation piecing patterns, Quilt Design Wizard™ prints those too!

You’ll save hours because Quilt Design Wizard™ does all the computing, calculating, and scaling. You just click print!

Print patterns

Learn from QDW

The designing is done. The patterns and yardage estimates are printed. You’re ready to sew! Quilt Design Wizard™ is loaded with every bit of information you’ll need. From buying supplies and fabrics, to assembly and quilting, to finishing and storing your quilt – Quilt Design Wizard™ has it all.

Learn from QDW

See what you get

200 Blocks
Whether you prefer the traditional charm of the Log Cabin block or the whimsical fun of a pictorial Tractor block, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste.

3,000 Fabrics
Varied and vibrant fabrics invite you to play with color. Experiment with hundreds of color combinations on screen before you ever cut the fabric.

Versatile layouts and borders
From simple wall quilts to large bed quilts, try out your ideas. Create hundreds of different combinations of horizontal and on-point layouts. Add as many borders as you like. Perfect for beginners or seasoned quilters.

Add to your QDW!

Because you don’t have to worry about the hassle of drawing blocks or scanning fabrics in Quilt Design Wizard™, we still wanted you to have the chance to update the content of your software. You can get a free downloadable Quilt Design Wizard™ project with all new blocks and fabrics each month on the website. Monthly projects are archived, so be sure to get all the ones you like.

QDW free projects


Included with this purchase

  • CD to install
  • Printable PDF Manual
  • 200 block patterns
  • 3,000 scanned fabrics
  • Sewing instructions for the 200 blocks included

System Requirements

System requirements for QDW

  • Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®, Windows 8®, or Windows 10®
  • 450 MB hard drive space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 16-bit/high color monitor capable of 800×600 resolution
  • Windows Media Player
  • Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher
  • Adobe Reader

Compare to EQ7

Which quilt design software is right for you?

Check out our comparison chart to help you decide if you want to purchase EQ7 or QDW.


16 Reviews

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  1. admin

    Hi Suzanne. No, Quilt Design Wizard is designed to be a beginner/starter program for EQ6/7. It has very basic layout styles and does not allow for hexagons. You cannot open EQ projects in Quilt Design Wizard. Your best bet would be to stick with EQ6 or EQ7 for hexagon capabilities.

  2. Suzanne

    Does this contain the hexagon template? I had been using (experimenting with) EQ6 on a hand-me-down computer but I’ve upgraded my computer now. Would this design wizard allow me to open the quilts I had designed in EQ6? I don’t need anything as advanced as EQ6 for the limited use it gets.

  3. admin

    Hi Nathalie. Quilt Design Wizard is not available for the Mac. We are currently working on releasing a Mac version of our EQ7 software, but are not working on any other programs at this time.

  4. Nathalie

    Would this item (A-QDW05) be available for the Mac users?

  5. Kay Ahr

    The really cool part for me is that the downloaded monthly projects can also be opened in EQ.

  6. admin

    Sande, with Quilt Design Wizard, you are limited in what you can do beyond what the program provides. It’s a very basic, beginner program. Using photos is not a capability of this software. If you want more features like using your own photos, drawing your own blocks, scanning fabrics, etc., you’ll want to check out our full quilt design software, Electric Quilt 7. Please contact our sales department with any further questions.

  7. Sande White

    Can I add my own photos or design into the program for use?

  8. Irella Brookover

    I purchased this product about a week ago. Even though I work full time, I have had time to ‘design’ about fourteen quilts… I love this program! It has made it possible for me to create quilt patterns in very little time, allowing me to actually have the time to sew the quilt! And, for me playing with the designs and colors/fabrics is FUN. I might even like this better than actually sewing the quilt!
    I printed out the designs for a few of the quilts intended for my husband. He looked at them and really liked them. NOW not only is he talking about helping me to start making quilts, but he actually stopped at a quilt store on the way home from work and was looking at their fabric and talking to the sales ladies!!! I think your program has caused him to catch the quilting bug!

  9. Anonymous

    After using, I purchased another for a gift for my sister. Easy tutorials, lots of different color fabrics (with names so you can find them to purchase later). Only drawback, limited number of blocks to choose from. Would love to see program to alter existing blocks. A great tool to use for the new quilt planner. Also lists amount of yardage needed along with templates, and paper piecing patterns. Something for everyone!

  10. Trisha Bleau

    I was fearful of quilt designing software, having played with a few free online programs. I had felt so limited by the programs online, thinking I was not creative in the least. Quilt Design Wizard has unleashed the designer within me that I did not realize existed!…. I highly recommend this software to any quilter who is reluctant about buying a program for their computer. It is not only perfect for beginning designers like myself, but is also great for those who are not the most computer savvy. It walks you through each step, making creation easy and almost foolproof. The price is also great compared to other programs out there. This is a great way to ease yourself in to quilt design via computer.

  11. Anonymous

    Great instructions for finding my way into computer-aided quilting. The instructions are suited for those of us more comfortable with fabric than the computer. How nice to have a tool to help visualize what differences a change of fabric can make to a block, or an entire quilt.

  12. Marilyn

    I received my Quilt Design Wizard cd not long ago and have loved working/playing with it ever since. It is very easy to use, has clear directions and information and is a wonderful tool for beginning (and even more advanced) quilters. It exceeded my expectations by quite a long way.

  13. Anonymous

    If you’re a beginner quilter, this is wonderful, as it helps not only with the size, colors, design etc., you can see what your quilt will look like before you even begin. In the month that I have had this, I couldn’t count how many blocks I have made and I have 2 quilts finished. Easy to use. It is not for the advanced quilter for sure, but for us ‘newbies’ it is great.

  14. Ann Brogan

    I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying using my Quilt Wizard. When I bought the software, I kind of bought it just to have it, in case I would need it. Well I never thought I would need it this much. I mostly do block quilting so this is ideal. But the other day, my aunt wanted a quilt, so I wanted to make her a special quilt. I bought the fabric and then came home and planned out my quilt on my software. It made the quilt so much easier to sew. Quilt Wizard makes planning a quilt so much easier. I love it. Thank you.

  15. Janet Wickell

    Quilt Design Wizard is an excellent program. It makes you an instant quilt designer and it offers the perfect solution for playing with fabric colors and textures.

    Click on a button to see how shades of purple and green look together, or to visualize how changing a component’s color value affects the layout. You know what that means, don’t you? Less fabric waste.

    If you want a more powerful program go for Electric Quilt, a generic drawing program like Adobe Illustrator, or another quilt design software package. If you want something easy to learn and use, at an excellent price, you can’t beat Quilt Design Wizard.” Read the full review.
    Quilting Guide for

  16. Shirley Strache

    I just purchased Quilt Design Wizard as I am retired on a very limited budget and just prayed this software would help me with my quilting as I needed help in choosing colors and I could not afford the more expensive EQ. WOW! This software is wonderful. It does everything I wanted and more. And the projects you add on your website are just delightful. Thank you so much for making this product and for making it so affordable for those of us who aren’t professional quilters and just need a little help.

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