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Sew Precise! Collection 3

Item #: A-SP030

This Sew Precise! collection of over 600 Shirley Liby blocks contains all of the patterns from her four best-selling books: Paper Piecing Patterns, More Paper Piecing Patterns, Even More Paper Piecing Patterns, and Paper Pieced A,B,C's and 1,2,3's.

Discontinued Product:

This product is no longer sold by The Electric Quilt Company. If you wish to purchase this product, please contact your local quilt shop or one of our online resellers to check for availability.


What is in this version of Sew Precise?

Shirley includes 100 NEW designs representing some of her most-requested themes.

Design Tips! Dozens of illustrated design tips show you how to make yo-yo wheels, how to make a baby bottle look half-empty, and more…

Lighthouses & Landscapes!

LighthouseLandscapes with mountains, trees, water, sunsets, lighthouses with beacons, cliffs, sea, and side-houses.

Noah’s Ark!

Noah's ArkNoah, Bear, Pig, Giraffe, Alligator, Cow, Moose, Kangaroo, Camel, Elephant, Buffalo, Ox, Llama, Hippo, Rhino, Lion, Sheep, Lion, and Polar Bear.


HatsSombrero, Derby, Top Hat, Fireman’s Hat, Roman Helmet, King’s Crown, Coonskin Cap, Army Hat, Graduate Mortar Board, Chef’s Hat, Royal Canadian Mountie Hat, Pith Helmet, Turban, Baseball Cap, French Foreign Legion Hat, Night Cap, Drum Major Hat, Sailor Cap, Football Helmet, and Straw Hat.

Baby Things!

Baby BottleBaby bottles, Safety Pins, Baby Buggy, Baby Rattles, Alphabet, and Numbers.

Cookie Kids!

Cookie KidsMix and Match Paper Doll Heads and Clothes: Pinafore, Jumper, Shorts & Shirt, Apron Dress, and Gingerbread Cookies.


BoatsSailboats, Cruise Ship, Titanic, Viking Ship, and Sailing Ship.


BirdsOwls, Flamingo, Pelican, Heron, Turkey, Seagull, Duck, Goose, Swan, and Birdhouses.

Cars and Trucks!

CarsSchool Busses, Pickup Trucks, Beetle, Van, and Semi.


ButterfliesMoths, Dragon Flies, plus Flowers, Leaves, and Flower Pots.

Fruits & Vegetables!

Fruits VeggiesOnion, Turnip, Peach, Pear, Peas, Corn, Beet, Green Pepper, Radish, Apple, Tomato, Eggplant, Strawberry, Celery, Leek, Green Onion, Carrot, and Lemon.

Ribbons & Bows!

RibbonsRibbons and Bows of all shapes and sizes.

About the Designer

Shirley LibyDesigner Shirley Liby has written 19 pattern books, and taught workshops across the country.

Using with EQ

Using with EQ

All Sew Precise blocks can be used in EQ. This lets you use EQ’s design tools on the blocks, coloring the Sew Precise blocks, setting them into quilt layouts, and printing them in a variety of ways, including as colored blocks.

Getting Sew Precise blocks into EQ is easy. The two programs will link together, letting you open the Sew Precise library from inside EQ.


Features in Sew Precise! Collection 3

  1. Over 600 blocks.
  2. All blocks can be printed as foundation patterns.
  3. Print blocks at any size.
  4. Contains very pictorial blocks.
  5. Software is easy for beginners. Click a block and click print!
  6. “Print as many as fit” is great for miniature quilt makers and small patterns.
  7. Sew Precise is stand-alone, but also links to EQ5, EQ6, or EQ7′s Block Library.


Noah’s Ark Design Ideas

“Noah and the ark are a favorite theme for books and toys because of the diversity of the animals. I have really enjoyed creating these critters for you.

I imagine that you will find many ways to use these animals without Noah. Remember, you need to choose the “mirror image” option when you print if you want your sewn animal to face in the same direction it does in this program. To face him in the opposite direction, do not check the mirror image option. So you can have it both ways!

Because of the basic square format in this program, many of these critters are not proportionate to one another. The pig, for example, is as large as the elephant! Make adjustments for this by enlarging or shrinking the designs appropriately. (See Shirley Liby’s Suggested Size in this program’s Help files.) Remember, you can print the blocks in any size you would like.

Most of the animals will need a bead for an eye to make them look complete.”

- Shirley Liby

  • The big cat can be a tiger, a spotted leopard, a lioness, or a black panther, according to the fabric that you choose.
  • This is one of two ark designs. You can use stripes across the whole boat horizontally, to simulate wood boards, or you can make this all one color. You’ll find this Ark also in the Boats file, with a lower water level. When you assemble this block, you could center up little animal faces in each of the ark’s windows for a fun effect.
  • Noah is a fun figure and easy to create. He looks great in dark plaids or homespun stripes.
  • Make the elephant’s ears by cutting two little ear pieces, sewing them right sides together. Clip the seam allowances and turn them inside out. Press the ear and then insert it into the seam between part 2 and part 3 when you assemble the block.
  • Find a good fabric for the stately giraffe. He is usually light brown with some spots. A pin dot will work well if you can find the right color.
  • The lion needs a mate so make her with the big cat pattern.

Butterfly Design Ideas

“You can’t color a butterfly too brightly. Nature will always outdo you. The first full-sized quilt I made used 12″ butterfly blocks. It’s still one of my favorites. I’ve always loved the variety of design and colors found in nature’s butterflies. When using them in a quilt, you can go wild with color and texture.
  • This is a good place to use some of those precious batiks or marbleized fabrics.
  • Add details with a bit of embroidery or play with some metallic threads and tiny beads.
  • Center up some small motif, such as the center of a large flower, on each wing to make a distinctive butterfly.
  • Perhaps you can alternate butterflies and flowers to achieve just the right effect.

Whatever you do, it will be fun if it includes butterflies.” - Shirley Liby

Ribbon Quilt Border

This neat border, made with blocks from the Ribbons & Bows file, is very versatile.

You can enlarge it to fit any project that you might make. Because the border has so many parts, I have included a guide to show you which parts to use and where they go.

- Shirley Liby


Part 1 & 2 = Piece the whole square block.

Parts 3 – 12 = Piece only the colored part of the block, as shown above. Do not piece the gray part of block — delete the gray piece before printing; or throw it away after printing.

System Requirements

System requirements for Sew Precise! Collection 3

  • Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, or Windows® 8
  • Runs on non-networked Windows NT
  • 9.3 MB hard drive space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 64 MB RAM
  • Monitor with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater
  • Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher (for some PDF patterns)
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher (download the most current version of Internet Explorer for free from


Will also run on a Macintosh® running Windows® plus virtualization software (such as Parallels®)

*Note to Vista and Windows 7 users:

The help files in Sew Precise 1&2 and Sew Precise 3, will give you an error message unless you download this update from Microsoft: Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) This required file is no longer included with Windows Vista or 7.


One Review

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  1. Planet Patchwork

    Sew Precise 3:

    “After discovering all these wonderful new features and ideas in this new collection of Sew Precise! blocks, I’m convinced that most owners of the first CD will want to supplement their collection. For sheer convenience and the size of the block library, this collection at $29.95 is a bargain, particularly when you compare it to the cost of foundation piecing books. And it makes less clutter in your sewing room!”
    Read the full review.

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