Upgrade from EQ6 to EQ7

Windows Software
Mac (OS X) Software
Download Only

For EQ6 owners only! This product is the same top-of-the-line software as EQ7, but is only available by download. In order to be eligible for the Upgrade from EQ6 to EQ7, your EQ6 license must be verified. To purchase, please enter your license ID and password and click Verify My License to continue. Your EQ6 license ID and password can be found on the back inside cover of your EQ6 User Manual, or by clicking HELP>About EQ6 on the main menu of EQ6. If you need assistance verifying your EQ6 license ID, contact technical support.

If you presently own EQ5 or earlier, you will need to purchase a new license for EQ7.

Attention EU customers: Please contact us to learn about your purchasing options for this product.

EQ7 is compatible with Windows 10 (PC) and Sierra (Mac). View complete system requirements.

Price: $89.95

Download size: 700MB
License ID will be emailed. Includes printable User Manual.

Price: $89.95

Download size: 548MB
License ID will be emailed. Includes printable User Manual.



System Requirements