EQ Mini Migration Kit

EQ Mini Migration Kit

Windows Software
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Product Download – Only for owners of EQ Mini
If you already own EQ Mini, you can purchase a Migration Kit that allows you to run EQ Mini on a PC or a Mac using the License ID and License Password that came with your original purchase of EQ Mini. This product does not issue additional activations. If you are currently running EQ Mini on two computers, you will need to deactivate one of them in order to activate EQ Mini on the new operating system.

To be eligible to purchase a Migration Kit, your EQ Mini license must be verified. Please enter your License ID and License Password, then click Verify My License. If you have lost your License ID or need assistance, email .
Attention Mac owners! EQ Mini is not compatible with Catalina macOS 10.15. If you have updated or plan to update your computer to Catalina, please do not purchase this Migration Kit for Mac. Alternatively, you could consider upgrading to EQ8 software.
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Price: $12.50

Download size: 231MB
License ID will be emailed.

Attention Mac Users! Apple has released macOS Catalina (10.15) which will only run 64-bit applications. Unfortunately, EQ Mini is a 32-bit application and is not compatible with Catalina nor with future macOS.

Price: $12.50

Download size: 676MB
License ID will be emailed.

This product is licensed to one user.



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