Mola Embroidery Designs

Mola Embroidery Designs

Windows Software
Requires EQStitch
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Requires EQStitch software. Mola designs are traditionally applique designs created by people in Central America. Designed by Yvonne Menear, these designs are usually very simplistic and can be pictures of native animals, geometric patterns, or artistic expressions of nature.

This product includes 20 designs created for you ready to stitch out. You can resize them any way you wish in the EQStitch software. There are 10 large 8-inch designs and 10 small 4-inch designs. You could easily combine several smaller designs into one hoop area. Edit these designs on the Stitching worktable, or digitize them for your machine just as they were designed.

You must have the EQStitch plug-in to install this product. It will not work with EQ7 alone.

Discontinued Product:

This product is no longer sold by The Electric Quilt Company.
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