If you are planning to upgrade to EQ8, you do not need to have previous versions installed or updated. Upgrading is just a discount for current EQ owners, and will install the full version of EQ8. If EQ6 is the newest version of EQ software you own, click here to upgrade to EQ8.

Download the file

Depending on the speed of your internet connection, downloading the update may take a while. This file is 3.40 MB and should be downloaded directly onto your hard drive.

If you have a choice to Open or Save the file, choose Save. You will be prompted for a location to Save the file. It is recommended that you make a note of where you choose to save the file.

You can download the Update by clicking on the underlined words “Download the update” found in the box on the top right of this page. The name of the file is EQ6Update.exe.

Install the update

After you have successfully downloaded the file, make sure you have turned off all programs, including EQ6. Do not have EQ6 open.

Find the EQ6Update.exe file on your computer. (It will be in the folder where your downloads go to by default, or wherever you chose earlier.) Double-click on the EQ6Update.exe file. This starts the installation program automatically. This installation will modify an existing installation of The Electric Quilt Version 6.0.

What does the update do for me?

With the EQ6 Update, EQ6 runs faster on your computer. Paper piecing calculations are much quicker now. Zooming in on an image you are tracing is also faster, and the image itself looks better. Yardage calculations were also enhanced, so if you have open curves for embroidery or quilting set on Layer 1 or 2 instead of Layer 3, these won’t show up on the yardage print-out. Printing foundation patterns for flipped blocks with seam allowances correctly prints the seam allowance on the outside of the sections. When editing in PatchDraw, the blue was hard to see on some computer screens, so it is now darker. You can now set photos in clipped locations on the quilt.

Once installed, you can verify that you have the update by clicking on HELP > About EQ in the menu bar of EQ6. It will read “Build 2” if the update was successful.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: You must already have EQ6 installed on your system before you install the Update. The Update does not provide an independently working software program. You must have a valid EQ6 license to use the update.