An updated version of Electric Quilt 8 is yours — free!

August 14, 2018: Because you own EQ8, you get this update to version (Windows) / (Mac) for free. Follow the instructions below to update your EQ8 software.

Check which version you are running on this computer.

On the Home Screen of EQ8, click on PRODUCT DETAILS. If your version number is (Windows) or (Mac), your EQ8 is all up-to-date. Have fun designing in EQ8!

If you're not on the current version, please continue to Step 2 to update your EQ8. Need help with Step 1? Click here »

Download and install the EQ8 update!

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This EQ8 update includes enhancements, such as:

Share to Facebook Improvements

Facebook required that we change the way the Share to Facebook feature works in Electric Quilt software. This updated feature offers more options for your Facebook posts, as well as great quality images of your quilts. Learn more here »

Important! If you are using any version prior to the current version, we highly recommend that you update your software. There have been many more improvements made in addition to those listed above. View the complete list »


Version Release Notes (Windows) (Mac) - Released August 14, 2018

Bug Fixes
  • The Share to Facebook feature has been updated to support Facebook's new sharing requirements for apps. (Windows) (Mac) - Released May 23, 2018

Bug Fixes
  • The issue that caused the Project Sketchbook to be cleared if the user opened the same project twice has been resolved.
  • The issue with the up/down arrows for block rotation using the Adjust tool on the Quilt Worktable has been resolved.
  • If the Project Helper is set to display at startup (in Preferences), a new project will now display contents of the default Sketchbook items (blocks, fabrics, etc.).
  • The Brush Stroke tool's Minimum Width can be set lower than 1.
  • The Project Sketchbook displays after opening a Quick Quilt project with the Project Helper.
  • On the BORDERS tab, the block spaces in the Spaced Squares border no longer display as “merged together” when set to 1. (Windows) (Mac) - Released May 10, 2018

New Features
  • Export Image now has an option to preserve the aspect ratio of a block. Previously only available for quilts.
  • When opening a project from a previous version of EQ, it will now say Untitled followed by (converted from xxxx.pjx) in the title bar.
  • Drawing speed on Quilt Worktable and all EQ Libraries should be much faster.
  • Foundation grouping (in the Sections tab of the Foundation dialog) now colors groups instead of outlining them in blue.
  • Option to hide the Dimensions Box on the Quilt Worktable's Print & Export tab is now available in Quilt Worktables Options.
  • The Eyedropper tool will now add the selected color to your Color palette if it does not already exist.
Bug Fixes
  • Spaced Squares border should no longer have issues with sizing the last block in the border.
  • Snapping options should no longer prevent a patch from being centered in an Applique block.
  • X/Y coordinates should update appropriately while moving applique patches on the Block Worktable via the input box and up/down arrows.
  • On-point sashing blocks should now mirror correctly when printing.
  • Undoing a flip operation on a patch will no longer cause the patch to be misshapen.
  • Zooming out of a Print Preview will no longer cause an afterimage to get stuck on the screen.
  • Program should no longer save the minimized state when closed.
  • Should now be able to type in numbers starting with 1 or 2 more easily in the Blocks border.
  • Program should be capable of rendering more nodes, allowing for more detailed tracing/drawing.
  • Add to Sketchbook should no longer affect worktable Zoom level.
  • Clicking and dragging a photo from the palette of Photo Layout should no longer crash the program.
  • Printing templates should no longer display repeated numbering or symbols other than letters and numbers.
Mac Only
  • Sliders and buttons in the 'Effects' and 'Filters' dialogs should no longer be cut off. (Windows) (Mac) - Released January 2, 2018

New Features
  • Can now use the 'Fit to Worktable' and 'View Actual Size' zoom options on the image worktable after cropping an image.
Bug Fixes
  • Added a cursor to the Mac EQ8 to show when a user is dragging a block.
  • Library will no longer show the previous search results when a search query has no results.
  • Fixed issue where worktable rulers would lose their numbering after the 9 mark.
  • File export will now correctly remember the type of file you exported previously.
  • Fixed issue where blocks would not stack above 2, even when preferences allowed it.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Fixed bug that caused some programs to crash when trying to print foundation patterns.
  • Exporting on the Mac EQ8 should now correctly export the file type the user selected. (Windows), (Mac) - Released November 22, 2017

These enhancements/fixes are included with the current update
Foundation Printing Enhancement!
  • Can now rotate foundation sections or patches in the print preview. A section or patch can be rotated in 30 degree increments with each click of the Rotate button.
  • Auto Add in the Link Library option will automatically copy all of your installed and linked libraries that were previously linked to EQ7 to your Add-on Libraries folder in EQ8. This will provide a quick and easy way to have all of your previous add-on purchases link to your EQ8 libraries. Additionally, this feature will pull in all of your EQ7 My Libraries for use in EQ8.
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Mac Only
  • The Mac version that was initially released did not include the final files. This affected the PDFs on the Help menu, Auto Borders and a few other things. We have now resolved the issue. Please go back to your account and download the updated file and reinstall.
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  • Using CTRL+A on the Block Worktable would disable the “a” key on your keyboard. This is now fixed.
  • There will no longer be duplicate library entries in the Libraries. This happened if you had add-on libraries linked to EQ8.
  • Fixed an issue with EQ7 My Libraries from the Layout Library when transferred to EQ8’s Layout Library.
  • Blocks will unstack based on your settings. So if you have your block stacking settings set to 2, and you open a project that has blocks set to 10 (for example), when you open the project, the blocks will automatically unstack to 2.