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It's a block powerhouse! The same patterns that sold in 1928 for 15 cents each are yours in BlockBase for less than 2 cents apiece! CD-ROM Version of Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns. No other pattern collection comes close!



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Over 4,300 patterns to print in ANY size

BlockBase has virtually every pieced block published from 1836-1970 – over 4300 patterns, ready to print as patterns. The Electric Quilt Company has added hundreds of blocks to BlockBase to make sure it contains all pieced blocks from historic collections. Based on Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns.

BlockBase includes a fully-illustrated, 80 page user manual.

It’s easy! Find a block – click on it – choose Print – type the pattern size you want.



  • any size
  • as templates
  • as numbered foundation blocks
  • as rotary cutting instructions
  • as whole block designs in color, grayscale or outlines


Export as bitmaps or enhanced metafiles — great for Web graphics or other projects. BlockBase even identifies which blocks are perfect for cutting with Marti Michell’s Perfect Patchwork Templates!

Special search categories include blocks perfect for:

  • Reproduction QuiltsSearch Results
  • Miniature Quilts
  • Color Studies
  • Optical Quilts
  • Holidays

Search for:

  • State blocks
  • Anniversary or wedding blocks
  • Occupations — find symbolic blocks perfect for your favorite lawyer, doctor, teacher or 30 other occupations
  • All star, leaf, tree, flower, airplane, animal, butterfly blocks – or dozens of other searchable categories


It’s the ultimate quilting block resource!

Preview Designs

Sample designs in BlockBase

Click the sample below to open a PDF of some of the designs included on the CD.


BlockBase Features

  1. Over 4000 pieced block patterns
  2. Amazing historical as well as pattern resource for quilters and quilt historians
  3. Blocks categorized in 22 categories just as in the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns by Barbara Brackman
    • (examples: Equal Nine Patch, Unequal 9 Patch Small Center, Unequal 9 Patch Large Center, Five- & Six-Pointed Stars, Eight-Pointed Stars, Stars, etc. each with subcategories)
    • (Strip Quilts, One-Patch and Multi-Patch are only in the Encyclopedia)
  4. Design Notes for blocks include Brackman I.D. number, Block names, and dates
  5. Published Names include names, magazines or other sources, dates and some contact information for copyright notices
  6. Create and save projects of blocks to find them again quickly
  7. Export and save blocks as bitmaps of a size you specify
    • export blocks as metafiles and make your own piecing diagrams
    • separate metafile pieces in other programs to create piecing diagrams
  8. Copy blocks as bitmaps to the Windows clipboard to paste into other Windows imaging programs
  9. Export and save blocks as metafiles of a size you specify (great for teachers who want to make their own handouts!)
  10. Copy blocks as metafiles to the Windows clipboard to paste into other Windows programs that accept vector images
  11. Print blocks at any size as uncolored, white, grayscale, or colored blocks
  12. Print blocks at any size as foundation/ paper piecing patterns, options include white or grayscale pattern sections, mirroring/flipping the printout depending on your technique, seperating pattern sections, printing as many small blocks on a page as will fit, printing with or without numbering, specifying with or without seam allowance and size of seam allowance, and changing the thickness of the lines
  13. Print blocks at any size as templates, options include with or without seam allowance, size of seam allowance, and changing the thickness of the lines
  14. Print blocks at any size as rotary cutting charts, options include choosing uncolored, grayscale, or colored version of block, specifying with or without seam allowance, and size of seam allowanceright-click on any block and view a quick quilt
  15. Print block commercial template information for Marti Mitchell’s Perfect Patchwork Templates, including possible block sizes, template sets required, and template pieces used
  16. Printing blocks in any size makes it a powerhouse for miniature quilt makers
  17. Quick Quilt option shows you how a one-block quilt would look with the block you choose
  18. Search for blocks by Block Name (example: The Priscilla, Feathered Star, Broken Wheel, Kitty Corner, etc.)
  19. Search for blocks by Brackman I.D. number (example: 1727a, 1270, I016, etc.)
  20. Search for blocks with a certain word in their name (example: search for “beaut” returns 41 blocks including Water Beauty, Ladies Beautiful Star, Ohio Beauty, Black Beauty, Savannah Beautiful Star, and many more Beauties for different states or cities
  21. Search for blocks by keyword search

  22. Blocks perfect for reproduction quilts…

    1785, 1795, 1805, 1815, …, 1935, 1945

    Blocks perfect for…

    Color studies
    Miniature quilts
    Optical illusions
    Secondary designs


    Colonial Times
    Historic characters
    Historic events

    Wild West

    Holidays and Occasions

    Birthdays, Christmas, Columbus Day, Easter, Father’s Day, … Valentine’s Day

    Home and Family

    Baby, Children, Community, Father, …, Pets, Women’s names


    Animals, Beach, Birds, …, Water, Weather, Winter


    Accountant, Actor/Actress, Antique store owner, Architecht, …, Teacher, TV or Radio employee, Waiter/Waitress, Weaver, Writer, Zoo Keeper

    Recreation and Sports

    Card playing, dancing, games, sewing, toys


    Airplanes, Boats, Cities, Nationalities, States, Trains

  23. Search for blocks by Source search (example: Nancy Cabot, Detroit Free Press, Good Housekeeping, etc.
  24. Search for blocks then use the “Find in BlockBase” button to locate where this block is categorized. The result is finding other blocks with similar structure, piecing methods, appearance, and variations of the original block.
  25. Linkable to EQ4 and EQ5, and would appear in the Block Library of either of those programs

Using with EQ

Using with EQ

All BlockBase blocks can be used in EQ. This lets you use EQ’s design tools on the blocks, coloring the BlockBase blocks and setting them into quilt layouts.

Getting BlockBase blocks into EQ7 is easy. The two programs will link together, letting you open the BlockBase library from inside EQ. You can also gather up a group of blocks in BlockBase, save them together, then open that project up in EQ.

Many EQ users find BlockBase their favorite companion software because of the way it expands the block library by 4000 blocks.

System Requirements

System requirements for BlockBase

  • Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®, Windows 8®, or Windows 10®
  • 20 MB free hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive


Compatible with EQ6 and EQ7 [but not required]
Will also run on a Macintosh® running Windows® plus emulation software (such as Parallels®)

Can I use BlockBase on my Mac?

To copy the BlockBase blocks, in order to access them from EQ7 for Mac, you must first have BlockBase installed on a Windows computer. (BlockBase is a Windows program. There is not a way to access the blocks directly from the CD.) Read more.


9 Reviews

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  1. Marlu Allan

    I received Blockbase yesterday. I love that in integrates with EQ7 and I can use block base blocks in my quilt designs. I also like the rotary cutting guides, foundation plans and templates. I am relatively new to quilting, so I have pieced only simple blocks. I am anxious to tackle a more difficult block using the tools of Blockbase to guide me.

  2. Cheryl A Matzker

    Pictures don’t do the software any justice.
    I wish I could live a hundred life times but that still wouldn’t be enough time to create all the beauties in this software I’d like to. Block Base is a “one size fits all” as far as a quilters expertise. For the price, it would be silly to miss out on something so nice.

  3. Sharon Darling's Quilter's Review

    I found this package to be such an exciting resource and tool for learning about traditional and historic blocks that you’re lucky to be reading this review at all…it was all I could do to tear myself away from BlockBase to write the review.

    Read Sharon’s complete review.

  4. Merry (Mary) Endres, Deerfield, Wisconsin

    If you buy this program, in my opinion, you need never buy another quilt block book. You can search BlockBase for historical patterns, or patterns dealing with certain subjects. I’m not an affiliate – I’m (obviously) just a VERY satisfied and (maybe somewhat overly) enthusiastic customer!

  5. Anonymous

    This is the most fantastic block reference I have seen. It is a stand alone program that is extremely user friendly and will print out templates, foundation, and rotary patterns and or instructions in any block size!!! The blocks are shown in color so the user gets an idea of light, medium, and dark placement and how contrasts should appear. You’ll never buy another book that just features mainline blocks again!!!

  6. Wendee Lee, West Hills, California

    I wanted to let you know how much I love BlockBase! I can’t believe I waited this long to get it.

  7. Roberta Geanangel, Winter Haven, Florida

    I just spent the morning with BB2 and love it! I have to admit to being a fan of Barbara [Brackman's] since she has made my life easier with all the research she has done, but BB2 is the icing on the cake! It paid for itself this morning when I finished a client’s research project in half the time I had estimated.

  8. Anonymous

    Great software … great customer support … great fun! This company treats its customers like friends … check out their web site!..of course they’re from Ohio!

  9. Nancy Welsch, Jackson Mississippi

    To reinforce the usefulness of BlockBase yet again …. I used it to identify the block patterns in 1700+ quilts we documented in the Mississippi Heritage Quilt Search. 96% of the blocks were there!

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