If you are planning to upgrade to EQ8, you do not need to have previous versions installed or updated. Upgrading is just a discount for current EQ owners, and will install the full version of EQ8. If EQ7 is the newest version of EQ software you own, click here to upgrade to EQ8.

I have the EQ7 Mac USB version

We currently do not have a direct Update option available for those who originally purchased EQ7 Mac on a USB. To update your EQ7, contact Tech Support for a download. A direct update will be available some point in the future. All fixes or changes since the release of the USB have been minor. If you have any questions regarding these minor changes, please contact Technical Support.

I have the EQ7 Mac Download version

If your original purchase of EQ7 was a download from our website, you can simply log back into your account on ElectricQuilt.com, re-download and re-install. Downloading again will give you the most current EQ7. This applies to full EQ7 Mac purchases and the EQ7 Migration Kit purchases.

  1. Log into your account at ElectricQuilt.com (or click Your Account at the top of the page, if you’re already logged in).
  2. Click Downloads
  3. Find EQ7 or EQ7 Migration Kit in the list. Click Download File. Let the file fully download before trying to install.
  4. Once it’s downloaded, double-click the *.DMG file.
  5. In the *.DMG window, double-click the Trash Can icon to uninstall EQ7 first.
  6. In the *.DMG window, click, hold and drag the EQ7 icon to the right side of the *.DMG window and drop the icon into the Applications folder. This process all happens within the window.
  7. Start the “Electric Quilt” application from your Applications folder.