Click on an image below to view the PDF of the EQ7 User Manual. Download and save the file to your computer for future use.

EQ7 User Manual
EQ7 User Manual – Windows
Size: 54MB
Page count: 249 pages
Format: 8.5″ x 11″ color

EQ7 User Manual – Mac
Size: 60MB
Page count: 246 pages
Format: 8.5″ x 11″ color

Tips for Viewing and Printing the User Manual

View the Pages Like a Book

In your PDF viewer, change your viewing options to view the manual in two-page view.

In Adobe Reader, click View > Page Display > Two Page View. Also make sure there is a check next to Show Cover Page in Two Page View.

View 2up


Print the User Manual 2-sided

Since the User Manual is laid out in the style of a book, it’s best to print on both sides of the paper. Save the the PDF file on a USB drive and take it to your local print shop. They can print the book 2-sided and spiral bind it for convenience. If you want to save ink, change your print settings to print in grayscale.

Print 2-sided