Release date: June 24, 2016

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Updates and Enhancements

Set Start Stitch
Corrected an intermittent problem when setting the start stitch of a patch. This feature is only enabled for closed patches, not open curves.

Janome (*.JEF) File Format
Corrected a problem when writing *.JEF file format for designs larger than 70 mm by 70 mm.

Addition of the Move Up – Move Down Palette
The Stitch toolbar on the Stitch layer of the Stitching worktable has a new tool that is on by default. This tool is positioned at the top of the toolbar and is called the Move Up or Down tool.

When this tool is clicked , the Move Up – Move Down palette will display. The view in this palette separates each object of the design allowing you to select objects and move them up or down, as needed, in order to set stitch properties for them.