If you are planning to upgrade to EQ8, you do not need to have previous versions installed or updated. Upgrading is just a discount for current EQ owners, and will install the full version of EQ8. If EQStitch is the newest version of EQ software you own, click here to upgrade to EQ8. EQ8 does not include the EQStitch digitizing capabilities. If you want to continue to digitize designs, you will need to run EQStitch separately from EQ8.

The current build for EQStitch is: Build 3.2

Follow the steps below to update your EQStitch to the current build. Click the following links to view the changes and enhancements made in each update: Build 3 and Build 3.2

Step 1: Determine Which Build You Are Running

  1. Open EQStitch.
  2. Click Help > About EQ.

Step 2: Select the Build You Currently Have Installed

Step 3: Verify Your EQStitch License

Please verify your license to determine what updates are appropriate for your EQStitch.

Step 4: Download and Install Updates