Release date: February 24, 2015

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Updates and Enhancements

Printing Improvements
Several printing issues have been fixed in this build.

One of which includes changes to the Fabric Yardage Charts. The printout will now display the information included on the Notecard Name field for each fabric.


Symmetry Tool
Users no longer have to hold the CTRL key down when using the Symmetry tool. Simply select the Symmetry tool and click on the quilt to rotate and flip the blocks. Continue to click on the quilt to see all 16 variations.

Select the Symmetry tool and click on the quilt. You no longer have to hold the CTRL key down.

Block Worktable Grid Dots
Previously, the grid dots on the Block worktable were set to small and often hard to see. Now, the default setting is large. This option can be adjusted by following these instructions: On the Block worktable, click Block > Drawing Board Options > Snap Grid > Display large grid dots.

Small grid dots

Large grid dots

PDF User Manual
The EQ7 User Manual is now available as a PDF download from our website. It’s formatted for 8.5″ x 11″ with color illustrations. You can access the PDF from the Help menu in EQ7. Click Help > User Manual.

PDF User Manual available

Fabric and Photo Importing
Importing high resolution files to the EQ7 Fabric or Photo Library will make EQ7 run slowly. We recommend only importing image files that are 72-150 DPI (72 being preferred). This build now warns you when importing files that are larger than 150 DPI. EQ7 will still allow you to import the larger files, but we wanted to provide a warning so you can fix the issue, if possible. The warning messages are below.

Warning message when importing a high resolution fabric to the Fabric Library.


Warning message when Add to Sketchbook as Fabric is used on a high resolution image.