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Quilt Design Software

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      Electric Quilt 7


      The industry’s BEST quilt design software. Design your own quilts and block patterns. Audition your own personal fabric stash, embroidery designs and quilting designs on your quilt before you make it. Print patterns for foundation piecing, templates and rotary cutting charts. We do the math for you! Print your fabric yardage too!

      If you currently own EQ5 or earlier, you will need to purchase a new license for EQ7.

      If you currently own EQ6, you can get EQ7 by Upgrading from EQ6 to EQ7.

      If you currently own EQ7 on PC, purchase the
      EQ7 Migration Kit to start using EQ7 on your Mac now.

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      New Requires EQ7 EQ7 Migration Kit


      Product Download – Only for owners of EQ7
      If you already own EQ7, you can purchase a Migration Kit that allows you to run EQ7 on a PC or a Mac using the license ID and password that came with your original purchase of EQ7. This download does not issue additional activations. If you are currently running EQ7 on two computers, you will need to deactivate one of them in order to activate EQ7 on the new operating system.

      To be eligible to purchase a Migration Kit, your EQ7 license must be verified. Please enter your license ID and password, then click Verify My License. If you have lost your license ID or need assistance, email .

      Don't own EQ7 yet? Click here to learn more.

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      Requires EQ7 EQStitch Embroidery Design Software


      Requires EQ7 software. Now EQ can SEW! EQStitch is an EQ7 plug-in for designing and digitizing embroidery & machine appliqué. This auto-digitizer makes your EQ drawings come to life with embroidery, machine appliqué, quilting and redwork. Supports multiple embroidery machine formats. Includes over 500 built-in designs. Perfect for new embroidery machine owners or beginning embroiderers. Watch the videos to see if this software is for you.

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      Upgrade from EQ6 to EQ7


      If you presently own EQ5 or earlier, you will need to purchase a new license for EQ7.

      For EQ6 owners only! This product is the same top-of-the-line software as EQ7, but is only available by download. In order to be eligible for the Upgrade from EQ6 to EQ7, your EQ6 license must be verified. To purchase, please enter your license ID and password and click Verify My License to continue. Your EQ6 license ID and password can be found on the back inside cover of your EQ6 User Manual, or by clicking HELP>About EQ6 on the main menu of EQ6. If you need assistance verifying your EQ6 license ID, email customerservice@electricquilt.com.

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      Quilt Design Wizard


      QDW is a quilt design software for beginning quilters and beginning computer users. It is an inexpensive way for you to try quilt designing on your computer for the first time.

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      Dear Jane


      Inspired by Brenda Papadakis's book Dear Jane: The Two Hundred Twenty-Five Patterns from the 1863 Jane A. Stickle Quilt, this software will help you see how other quilters have made their own beautiful Dear Jane quilts and even design your own on your computer screen. From there you can print patterns for your quilts or the blocks, read sewing instructions, print quilt labels, surf Dear Jane web sites and so much more. Design and learn with Dear Jane.