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Electric Quilt 7

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Mac (OS X) Software
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The industry’s BEST quilt design software. Design your own quilts and block patterns. Audition your own personal fabric stash, embroidery designs and quilting designs on your quilt before you make it. Print patterns for foundation piecing, templates and rotary cutting charts. We do the math for you! Print your fabric yardage too!

If you currently own EQ6, you can get EQ7 by Upgrading from EQ6 to EQ7. (There is no upgrade option for owners of EQ5 or earlier.)

If you currently own EQ7 on PC, purchase the EQ7 Migration Kit to start using EQ7 on your Mac. (Or vice versa.)

EQ7 is compatible with Windows 10 (PC) and El Capitan (Mac). View complete system requirements.

Price: $189.95

Download size: 700MB
License ID will be emailed. Includes printable User Manual.

Price: $189.95

Item #: A-007MAC
Sealed Retail Box includes USB and License ID for installation.

Price: $0.00

Price: $189.95

Download size: 548MB
License ID will be emailed. Includes printable User Manual.

Price: $189.95

Item #: A-007EQ
Sealed Retail Box includes USB and License ID for installation.

Price: $189.95


Is EQ7 For You?

To watch more EQ7 Demo Videos, check out Here is a short list of videos:

Dream ~ Design ~ Create

Electric Quilt 7 does it all. Quilts, Blocks and now PHOTOS! Includes all the design features of EQ5 & EQ6 plus all new design tools for beginning and advanced users.

Note: If you are a licensed owner of Electric Quilt 6 (EQ6), you can upgrade to EQ7 at a discounted price.

New Activation Policy

You’ll never run out of EQ7 activations! Install on as many computers as you like and quickly transfer activations from computer-to-computer. This new policy gives you complete freedom to manage your own activations — and no dongle to worry about!

Easier Than Ever!

It’s like having a teacher right there with you! Learn to use the software by watching the 10 videos targeted for beginners. Then go through the 22 printable, full-color PDF lessons for comprehensive, step-by-step lessons that show you how to design quilts, draw blocks, work with images, and print patterns.

EQ7 Help

Design Quilts

Quilts can be as simple, or as complex-looking as you like. EQ7 can help whether you want to make a horizontal quilt with plain squares, or an intricate custom quilt with blocks of all different sizes. Choose from any of our 10 automatic layouts, over 540 pre-designed layouts by size & by style, popular quick-quilts, or draw your own layout. The possibilities are endless.

EQ7 Design Quilts

Borders & Sashing

Adding borders is now the fun part of designing a quilt! Choose from over 290 pre-designed Auto Borders, or create your own. Have as many borders as you like. You pick the width — EQ7 does the math, fitting borders perfectly for you. Central Medallions only take a few clicks to design.

EQ7 borders

Working with Images

Using your own fabric scans has never been easier! Easily import your fabric and see it in your design! Plus, EQ7 has over 45 different image effects, including artistic, noise, blur and many more. Filters allow you to sharpen, unsharpen, or detect the edges of your image. Square and Circular symmetries take portions of your image and repeat them according to your choices.

EQ7 image worktable

Drawing Blocks

Draw beautiful, original blocks and stencils, or let EQ7 create new blocks for you. The EasyDraw drawing board works like a pencil and paper. Draw straight lines and arcs and subdivide as needed. The Pieced PatchDraw drawing board has click-and-snap grids, designed to simplify drawing complex blocks like New York Beauty, Wheel, Kaleidoscope, and Eight-Point Star blocks.

Draw Pieced Blocks in EQ7

Import and trace photos to create new blocks. Appliqué blocks and quilting stencils can be drawn using pull-out shapes like hearts, leaves, tear-drops, circles, squares, and more. The Freehand tool lets you draw freely, just as you would doodle on paper. Vines and leaves are easy with the Brush Stroke and Swath tools. Just decide whether you want a plain vine or one filled with flying geese or diamonds.

Draw Applique Blocks in EQ7

What’s included?

  • 2 reusable activations
  • 22 printable, full-color PDF lessons
  • Fully-illustrated, downloadable User Manual PDF
  • 5,000 copyright-free block patterns
  • 5,000 scanned fabrics
  • 4,200 non-digitizable embroideries
  • 540 ready-made quilt layouts
  • 10 help videos targeted for beginners
  • 67 “How Do I?” topics
  • Tools for working with quilts, blocks, and images
  • Importing features for scanned fabric
  • Exporting features for print-quality images

Coloring Quilts and Blocks

Over 5000 scanned fabrics are included. Scan your own fabrics, then crop and “tweak” them right in EQ7. Save them and “notecard” them in your own My Library to use and re-use. EQ7 scales the fabrics for you — no matter what size your quilt or block — so what you see in EQ7 is what you’ll get in your finished quilt.

Color tools let you play “what if” before you cut fabric. You can even let the computer choose colors for you with the Random Recolor tool. Rotate your fabric at any angle you choose, using the Rotate Fabric tool to create special effects with even the simplest stripes.

Block Patterns

EQ7 includes over 5,000 copyright-free blocks. Use these blocks, change them a bit, or design your own. Use and re-use blocks as patterns or quilting stencils. Choose any size. Or use EQ7′s new Serendipity tools to magically turn any block into a new original block.

EQ7 blocks

Using Quilting Stencils

Audition quilting designs on your quilt to truly see your design at its fullest. Design your own quilting designs on the Block worktable, or edit designs from the library. Use the Set Thread tool to add color to your quilting!

Printing Patterns

Print patterns and yardage estimates! Print Templates, Foundation Patterns, and Rotary Cutting Charts in any size. EQ7 remembers the size on the quilt, and the block’s orientation too–perfect for skewed blocks. Print yardage estimates for the whole quilt at once with 2 clicks.

Print multiple photos onto one sheet of fabric. Just drag and drop your photos on the new Photo Layout page.

Print patterns in EQ7


Create professional images of your blocks and quilts to use in class hand-outs. Export full-color images or outline drawings of your quilt or blocks to use as Web images, guild newsletters, magazine or book illustrations, pattern covers or just to show off. You choose the file type (jpg, gif, tif, png or bmp) and resolution, from 75 to 600 dpi.



  • Help buttons
  • Netbook compatible/friendly
  • New videos for beginners
  • 22 PDF lessons in color
  • New look to buttons & dialogs
  • New Activation/Deactivation capabilities
  • Install to All Users for classrooms/labs
  • 67 “How Do I?” topics in the HELP menu

Quilt Worktable

  • Photo Patchwork layout
  • Symmetry tool returns to original rotation on click #17
  • Drag & drop items onto the quilt
  • Drag & drop blocks according to design size or a specific size
  • Drag & drop blocks using CTRL+drag and ALT+drag
  • Sort items in palettes using drag & drop
  • Graph Pad options for Paintbrush, Set Thread and Eyedropper
  • Eyedropper can find a fabric when you click on a solid or photo
  • Eyedropper can find a color when you click on a fabric or photo
  • Eyedropper can find a block and the coloring used
  • New Set Auto Borders
  • Erase Quilt
  • Toggle layers on and off through the right-click menu when toggling enabled
  • Grid and Snaps for setting and sizing blocks on Custom Set and layers


  • Over 480 new blocks in the Block Library
  • Copyright-free blocks only in the Block Library
  • Over 5,000 scanned new fabrics in the Fabric Library
  • Over 120 new layouts in the Layout Library
  • 52 new photos in the Photo Library, great for Apply Symmetries and Apply Effects


  • Edit images to Quilt worktable for Photo Patchwork
  • Edit images to Block Worktable
  • Edit images to the Image worktable
  • Fabrics can be copied to Photos section
  • Photos can be copied to Fabrics section

Printing and Exporting

  • Arrange photos on a page before printing using Photo Layout
  • Project name added to footer on Print > Quilt
  • Quilt Notecard Name added to footer on Print > Fabric Yardage

Block Worktable

  • Serendipity > Clip & Flip Block
  • Serendipity > Shrink & Flip Block
  • Serendipity > Kaleidoscope Block
  • Serendipity > Fancy Star Block
  • Colors for guides separate for Pieced and Applique tabs
  • Auto fill button on Precision Bar
  • Block and Image can be saved together in Sketchbook
  • Position & Resize buttons for imported tracing images
  • Improved crop features for imported tracing images
  • Lightness control can be changed during tracing process
  • New Swath tool on Applique tab makes a Brush Stroke with patches inside it
  • Copy, Paste, Cut and Clear in right-click menu

Image Worktable

  • New Image Worktable
  • Import and save images in Sketchbook
  • View Image information
  • Increase/Decrease Color Depth
  • Resize images
  • Balance color automatically
  • Change Red/Green/Blue (RGB) levels
  • Change Hue/Saturation/Luminosity (HSL) levels
  • Colorize to make sepia-toned and desaturated images in any color
  • Hue Map to change colors in an image to another range of colors
  • Channel mixer to change RGB and contrast levels
  • Create Colorway maps all the colors in the image to palettes
  • View Histogram
  • Equalize Histogram
  • Adjust Brightness/Contrast
  • Apply Artistic Effects including Impressionist, Oil Painting, Pointellist, Colored Pencil, Cubist, Dry Brush Watercolor, Halftone, Plasma, and Glow effects
  • Apply Pixelating Effects including Pixelate, Mosaic, Roman Mosaic, Posterize, Dice, Puzzle, and Glass Block effects
  • Apply Noise Effects including Add Noise, Add Shadow, Aging Effects, Segment, Diffuse Glow, Cloud, Ocean, Perlin, Fragment, and Colored Balls effects
  • Apply Blur Effects including Motion Blur, Radial Blur, Zoom Blur, Gaussian Blur, Antialias Blur, and Average Blur effects
  • Apply Distort Effects including Wind, Polar, Zoom Wave, Radial Wave, Swirl, Wave, Ring, and ZigZag effects
  • Apply 3D Effects including Emboss, Punch, Ripple, Bending, Cylindrical, and Spherical effects
  • Apply Sharpen/Unsharpen Filters
  • Apply Edge Detection Filters
  • Apply Circular Symmetries
  • Apply Square Symmetries
  • Improved Zooming features
  • Rotate images on the screen
  • Rotate & Crop images
  • Shear images horizontally by degrees
  • Import & edit fabric scans then use to color quilts

System Requirements

System requirements for EQ7

PC System Requirements

  • Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, Windows 7®, Windows 8®, or Windows 10®
  • Internet access (Internet required for activation, deactivation, and periodic validations.)
  • USB port (for boxed version only)
  • 1.1 GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation.
  • Monitor with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater
  • Adobe® Reader®

Mac System Requirements

  • OSX Version 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite), or 10.11 (El Capitan).
  • Internet access (Internet required for activation, deactivation, and periodic validations.)
  • USB port (for boxed version only)
  • 1.1 GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation.
  • Monitor with screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater
  • Adobe® Reader®

What are the differences in the Mac and PC version?

Activation information

  • Internet access is required for activation, deactivation, and periodic validations
  • Unlimited installations
  • Activations can be easily transferred between computers
  • Two (2) computers may be simultaneously active

Will EQ7 work on my tablet?
EQ7 is compatible only with tablets running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. It is not compatible with iOS (iPads), Android tablets, or tablets running Windows RT.

Learn More About Activation

Managing the usage of your EQ7 is quick and simple. Watch this quick video to learn more.


Find a class at EQ University

EQ University offers EQ7 online classes for beginners to advanced skill levels. Try our free class to see what it’s all about, then sign up for a full session with expert EQ teachers. Work at your own pace, get answers from your teachers via a class forum and stay engaged while learning from your classmates. The class is yours forever, so feel free to always go back and refresh what you’ve learned. Find the class for you!


EQ7 User Manual

The EQ7 User Manual has been translated into:


48 Reviews

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  1. admin

    It absolutely can! EQ7 allows you to import your photos and use them in your design. Check out the video on our Printable Fabrics page here: These photo quilts were designed in EQ7!

  2. Veada Metcalf

    I am interested in the EQ7 and was wondering if this software could be used to design a photo (memory) quilt layout? Can the photos be scanned and inserted into a quilt design?

  3. admin

    Hi Liette,

    Yes, you can have EQ7 installed on multiple computers. Only 2 computers can be activated at a time, however. If you have a third computer you wish to use it on, you can simply deactivate one to activate on the other.

    Yes, EQ7 will allow you to design a quilt with a panel in the middle. There’s actually Help information included in the software on how to do this.
    - Sara @EQ

  4. Liette

    2 questions :
    1. I have a Mac with 27in screen where I’d love to install this program yet, it would be nice to have it on the Mac laptop for when I travel or use it anywhere in the house. Can the program be installed on 2 computers?
    2. I like to make quilts with a panel in the middle. I find it hard to plan this out. Will the program let me take a picture of the panel and let me plan a quilt with this in the middle?

  5. Lori College

    Can I say how much I love EQ7? I’m leading a Farm Girl Vintage Group at the shop where I work. Some of the blocks have teeny, tiny pieces. I was able to use EQ7 to draw the blocks and turn them into blocks that I can paper piece. Thank you EQ7 – you make me look good and help me visualize my quilting with new possibilities.

    I love, love your products and your educational support. You all rock! :)

  6. admin

    Hi Katina. No you do not need anything else other than EQ7.

  7. Katina Gower

    I don’t own any of the EQ software. I have a MAC and would like to get the program. Do I need any of the other EQ’s?

  8. CJ Tinkle

    I can never thank the EQ team enough for releasing a Mac version of EQ. I can’t imagine quilting without EQ, it’s as essential as a sewing machine is. I have used EQ since version 3.

    It was the last piece of software I still required Windows for, and I am over the moon that Windows is out of my life!

    EQ for Mac is identical to EQ for Windows. I save all my project files in the cloud (via Dropbox) so I can open them anywhere, or share them with friends.


  9. Elsie Bulva

    Thank you EQ7 for enabling me to use my Mac. My husband gave me my first one – EQ5 and I updated all the others but have never used it. I updated IN CASE I tried to learn it and it was cheaper then buying a new program. It meant using Windows and in a location not suitable. Then I bought a PC laptop so as not to interfere with my Mac but I very much disliked that too. I did the Migration and played on it. Took a course in Phoenix at AQ show. Now i am ready and very much wish I did not have a learning curve to deal with. By the time I get to learning my EQ Stitch it will also have been migrated to Mac. Everything on one computer . Thank you

  10. Brooklyn Montana

    Everyone be quiet for just a minute….did you hear that? It’s the angels singing from heaven, and I’m up there (with my Mac and my EQ7)!!! I have been doing snow angels on my living room floor. I downloaded the Migration Kit as soon as it was available. I have had EQ7 since it came out and have not been able to really get into it because I can’t stand working on a PC. Windows computers are really for business programs. There is just something about a Mac that just let’s all your creative juices flow. I use my Mac for Photoshop, GarageBand and all the other cool features. Simple and easy install. No problems at all. It looks exactly the same. I have been able to spend all weekend working on my Mac EQ7 and I don’t know if it’s a mental issue or what, but all my quilts I have been creating are much more artistic. Thank you so very much EQ, I hope you realize the magnitude of people that are now hearing the angels sing. I am forever dedicated to your company and awesome products!!!

  11. Cindi Allen

    I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU!!!!! for finally bringing out EQ for Mac. I downloaded the update as soon as it was available. It is great to finally be able to easily use EQ on my Mac, and not have to go to a virtual tool to access it. I rarely (if ever!) got on EQ before because of the inconvenience, and now I use it all the time. It seems to work perfectly – I’ve found no problems yet!

    I honestly feel like I’ve gone from the Victorian era to modern day with this program – thanks SOOOOO much for a great product!!!

  12. Sandy Foster

    I’m in heaven! I’ve been using EQ since version 5, but it’s always been a hassle. I had to open Parallels, start up Windows, then open EQ. Then I had to set up my printer to print from Windows, if I had a paper-pieced pattern or cutting instructions, etc., I needed to print out. Now it’s all changed and changed for so much better! I can access EQ7 natively on my Mac, so I do it more frequently. All of my previous projects and files were easily accessible, and I’m just delighted with my “new” EQ! It works exactly the same way as before, but it’s so much nicer to have it on my Mac and to be able to get to it easily. :)

  13. Sue Robinson

    Mac users, rejoice! You are going to feel right at home, because EQ on the Mac works every bit as well as it always has in Windows. I had expected a learning curve, but really, the program looks and behaves exactly the same on my Mac as it did on both my Windows computer and while using Bootcamp on the Mac. What a pleasure! Thank you, EQ, you’ve done it again!
    Bonus–now I can get rid of my Windows partition, thereby freeing up more space on my computer for all the new quilts I plan to design!
    Sue Robinson, EQ fan since EQ3

  14. Sherry Cote

    EQ7 for the Mac is EQ7 ON A MAC. It’s that simple. The best quilt design program out there on on the best computer out there. Oh Joy!!!

    I’ve been an EQ user since EQ3. When I started we only had one computer, my husband’s PC, so that’s what I used. Eventually I realized that I wanted to get a Mac laptop. I’ve used EQ on a MAC these many years through third party software like slow, clunky, Virtual PC, and eventually VMWare Fusion. I’ve always considered the ability to use EQ on a Mac worth the inconveniences created by the third party software. But now there’s no inconvenience. It’s all EQ7 on a Mac.

  15. Mary McManus

    So far, so good. I am thrilled to have the Mac version. At first I thought it would not read files from previous versions.I had copied my folders with files from earlier versions into the Documents/My EQ7 folder. When opening a file for a previous version, you need to be sure the drop-down box is on previous versions. Then you can browse to those files. I have already opened PJ4 and PJ6 files and then saved them as PJ7. It will be a few days before I have time to check out all of the features but if you are used to EQ7, there is nothing strange about it.

  16. admin

    Hi Tammy. No, we haven’t even started working on an EQ8. We are fully focused on providing additional products and classes for EQ7. Since you own EQ6, be sure to get the upgrade to EQ7 instead of the full version. You’ll save $100 for just being an EQ6 owner. Plus, there’s currently a sale running that will give you a little extra savings! (Sale ends 12/15/14.)

  17. Several years ago I purchased EQ5. About 2 weeks after my purchase EQ6 was released. I was very annoyed. I am now considering the purchase of EQ7 but I would like to know if you have any plans of releasing EQ8 within the next year. I don’t want to fall in that trap again.

  18. admin

    Most EQ7 Mac reviews are found with the EQ7 Migration Kit. The Migration Kit is for owners of EQ7 PC who switched to EQ7 Mac. Read the reviews.

  19. penny doane

    All I own is Apple computers so I have been waiting for the Mac version of EQ7. I would like to see some reviews on the Mac version. Any problems, quirks, regrets, raves, etc?

  20. admin

    Hi Olena, there’s a chapter in the EQ with Me: Quilt Design book about designing circular quilts. I hope this helps!

  21. Olena

    Thank you #admin. Decided to buy the program and happy with it, but can’t find the instruction or some tips on how to make round quilts in the program in particular? Would be great to have some info or link on where to read…. Thanks in advance.

  22. admin

    Hi Olena. Yes, you are able to design round quilts using EQ7 on PC or Mac. There are some examples of user quilts in our quilt gallery:

  23. Olena

    Do you know if ROUND(circle) quilt design is possible in EQUILT 7 for Windows and/or would be for MAC?
    Thanks in advance for any replies.

  24. Judy in CA

    For a program that costs under $200, EQ7 is fairly powerful. I am amazed at the capabilities packed into this program. I am really enjoying the drawing tools and creating my own quilt designs. I can draw out an idea in EQ7 just as quickly, if not quicker, then using graph paper and colored pencils. And having all of the different fabrics and colors to test has been invaluable for creating a virtual visualization of my creative thinking.
    The only limitations I’ve run into thus far are a) I exceeded the program’s capacity to process one of my designs because it was too complex. So I had to do a work-around. And the program is not very forgiving on making changes to designs (adding a new line to a design in ‘easydraw’ throws the whole color scheme off, so I have to reset the colors)and sometimes when grouping blocks for printing a foundation pattern, any mistake there also requires a complete restart. But again, the program is less than $200!

  25. Jody Stultz

    I do not have a request but I don’t know where else to go to rave about EQ7. I just recently upgraded to this version, and I absolutely love it! I don’t know what took me so long to upgrade, but I am very happy I did.

    In the two weeks I’ve owned EQ7, I have already designed two quilts! I can’t wait to start on my next one!

    If I were to list everything I enjoy about EQ7, this email would be very long! Thank you for such a wonderful product!

  26. dee gordon

    firt thing I would do if lucky enough to win this, is to see if I could turn children’s drawings into a paper-pieced block for the children who have joined my school “recess” patchwork class

  27. Cathy

    I have lost so much sleep over EQ. I get into it and play and play. My days can disappear and I look around and notice I’ve done nothing that I should have been doing. Of course it was worse when I had a real job! People call and ask if I have such and such done… I have to say that I’ve been busy and just haven’t had the time (lies, lies!) lol! The guys have their video games and such, but I have EQ!

  28. Pat in South Florida

    I have been using Electric Quilt since EQ2. I thought EQ6 was the easiest version to learn and have told others to jump right in and get EQ6. I have heard back that I was correct and that they are enjoying creating projects in EQ6.

    I didn’t think anything could beat EQ6. EQ7 is not much different from EQ6, in fact it looks the same and everything you had in EQ6, you get in EQ7. BUT, there are so many new additions to the program that I didn’t know I needed! And after working with the new tools, I find I can’t do without them!

    Along with a Block Worktable and a Quilt Worktable, there is now an Image Worktable. No longer do I have to manipulate photos in another program (Paint Shop Pro) before I use them in EQ7. Designed a photo quilt and was so pleased that I didn’t have to leave EQ7 to crop photos “to square”. And all the photo effects that are in EQ7 have had me playing with photos for hours. Love the Apply Symmetries effects. Another place to get lost in. The Image worktable is really the coolest thing!

    Kudos to whoever has written the Help files for the Image Worktable. Everything is described in an easy-to-understand manner. I am finding out what all those photo effects do, with descriptions that I can understand and then visualize their use.

    Another place to go and have fun is Serendipity. In addition to Frame Blocks, Tilt Blocks and Merge Blocks that are in EQ6, there is also Clip & Flip, Shrink & Flip, Kaleidoscope and Fancy Star. We may have tons of blocks at our disposal, but Serendipity gives you the chance to create even more blocks from existing blocks.

    I use Custom Set a lot and just loved the new grid tool that snaps the block in the quilt layout, along with the “drag & drop” feature that lets you click on a block and drag it to the quilt and it plops right in on the grid. On Custom Set, the size of block that you designed on the block worktable is the size that plops in on the quilt which you can then resize on the quilt, if necessary.

    I like being able to Zoom Out on a block or quilt so that the block or quilt gets smaller and is of very good quality when needing a small image for webpublishing or a pattern or a class handout. Can then make a JPG out of a Screen Capture.

    In addition to using the Eyedropper tool for finding an existing fabric or color in your quilt, you can find a matching fabric to a color and a matching color to a fabric. And you can also find a block. That comes in mighty handy if you have modified a block several times and can’t remember which version you used in the quilt. Finds the coloring you want when you have made many minor color changes in a block. Works beautifully for Sampler quilts.

    There are so many other wonderful things that are new in EQ7, but I’m not going to worry about learning them all at one time. I am just going to use the program and then will find out, over time, that all those new things are waiting for me, when I need them. And will just enjoy mastering one thing at a time.

    I will be reading “What’s New in EQ7″ from Help from time to time so that I can pick up on the new things I might have missed.

    Thank you Dean and Ann and the whole EQ gang for making such a wonderful program as Electric Quilt. I think that EQ has given a lot of us quilters the opportunity to go just a little further in our quilt designing – designing quilts and other items that we would not have attempted years ago.

  29. Katrina Hamer

    I don’t know how the staff at Electric Quilt do it, but they’ve done it again. EQ7 is not a revision, it is a true upgrade. EQ7 has so many new wonderful features! Designing art quilts is a snap with the new Image worktable and tools. The fun to be had with new Serendipity tools kept me busy designing for a long time! The drag and drop feature is sure to be a big hit with new EQ users since it’s a more intuitive way of moving blocks to the worktable. The dynamic help feature, videos and EQ7 help manual built into the software make this an exceptionally easy program to learn.

  30. Jo Moury

    Dean and crew have outdone themselves with this latest release! Generally, with any new software update, we all tend to keep the ‘old’ version and use the newer version as our learning curve increases. This definitely has not been the case with EQ7. I installed the latest version and haven’t ever gone back! There are so many new features to love. My favorites are Shrink and Flip and Fancy Star Serendipity Tools. These along with the return of an old favorite Clip and Flip allow me to create all kinds of wonderful new block from an old favorite out of the block library. Way cool!!

    Appliqué lovers will be really happy to see increased precision in the drawing and tracing tools. Plus you just have to try the brand new Swath Tool. Have you ever wanted to put a meandering line of Flying Geese in a Fall Picture? Now you can and the swath narrows to give the illusion of distance. Art quilt designers will love that Swath also give same effect with diamonds!

    I am truly blown away with the new worktable for images. We could place photo’s on Layer 3 in earlier version, but now we can skew images, play with lighting and pixilation and coloration. The biggest ‘Wow’ factor was being able to create a kaleidoscope effect with an image and then save it as fabric to color blocks. This effect is simply amazing!!

    Once you try this new version, you will love this newest version as much as I do… It’s simply wonderful!

  31. Scarlett Rose

    Electric Quilt just keeps getting better and better! With this new version, I really can design whatever comes out of my imagination. There’s no limit to my creativity. There are thousands of quilt blocks to choose from and over 100 quilt layouts, if I want to make a quilt design with a traditional feel. I can draw my own blocks, combining patchwork with applique (including Celtic knotwork, my specialty) if I choose, for a more contemporary style, or bring in images directly into EQ for editing and use in my quilt designs, however I decide to use them, for making that unique art quilt. Patchwork, applique, embroidery, quilting designs…. Traditional, comtemporary, art…. The list of quilts I can create is endless and I love it!
    quilt designer, teacher and author

  32. Judy Best

    EQ7 – What can I say but ‘WOW’. There are so many wonderful new features such as the new image worktable which opens up unlimited possibilities for creativity, the neat swath tool and the new features in Serendipity just to mention a few. There are so many great features and tools to help create unique quilting projects. With the easy to use help menu and the dynamic help this program can easily be used by beginners and experienced EQers alike. The new activation function is perfect I now can use EQ on whatever computer I choose. This is a magnificent quilting program and the support from the EQ staff is fantastic. EQ7 is my new very best friend. Let the creativity begin.

  33. Barb Vlack

    The Electric Quilt software keeps getting better and better, just when you think there couldn’t possibly be any other improvements. EQ7 is the best yet, and this is coming from an EQ user and advocate since the very first version. The new features are so inspiring! I have already loaded up on lots of EQ Printable fabrics so I’m ready to print out a lot of the images I’m creating and tweaking in EQ7. The block library has been expanded, just when you think there can’t possibly be more blocks on this planet. The new additions to the collection of drawing tools make creating blocks even easier, often without having to do any drawing. A whole smorgasbord of block combinations exists from the block drawing worktable. Custom Set has been enhanced to help you design as you would on paper – graph paper, that is. Setting blocks has become more intuitive with drag-and-drop. There are at least 100 ways that EQ7 improves on EQ6, and anyone who has used EQ6 will find it even easier to use EQ7. I’m working on my casserole collection in the freezer so I have as much free time to explore EQ7 as I can.

  34. Nancy in Mississippi

    So many cool things about this new program. A whole lot of familiar things are even easier to do. And the new things are fantastic! I love being able to drag and drop blocks in a custom set. The new swath tool in PatchDraw is a favorite. Curved flying geese, and ‘flying diamonds’ following wherever your cursor goes. And you can pull the whole string, just like flying a kite. For brand new beginners, there are tutorials and help topics galore, plus the very kind real people at EQ, always ready to explain.

  35. Sindy

    I am so pleased with the new software! What a brilliant idea to be able to use the program for editing my picture layouts. The drag and drop feature for the palette is by far my favorite change. Followed closely by the drag and drop feature for custom set quilts. Oh and let’s not forget how the images for tracing are now stored with your projects! So many exciting changes in an already amazing program. I am just as excited about it now as I was when I first opened it up.

  36. “La versione 7 di EQ ha davvero una marcia in più. Sono stati inseriti nuovi strumenti per l’elaborazione delle immagini e per la creazione di quilt. Già EQ6 era ottimo, ma EQ7 ha superato sé stesso. Il nuovo EQ7 combinato alla creatività di qualsiasi quilter sono un mix fantastico. E’ semplice e divertente usarlo e gli help video sono di grande aiuto. La possibilità di giocare con le immagini, il comando serendipity e tanti altri ancora vi terranno incollate al computer con lo stesso piacere con cui cucirete poi le vostre creazioni virtuali.
    Ottimo programma, buon lavoro!

    The 7th version of EQ is really great. It has new tools to play with images and to create quilts in a simple way. EQ6 was great but EQ7 exceeds itself. The new release EQ7, mixed with any quilters creativity, are a fantastic mix. It is simple and fun to use, and the video help is incredibly useful. Image tools, serendipity tool and many other tools keep you at the computer with the same pleasure you have when sew your virtual creation. Very gorgeous software: good work!

  37. Linda E in AZ

    EQ7 Arrives With a Splash! The Electric Quilt Company has once again “WOW”ed us with the new version of their software, EQ7. The new integrated “Image” capabilities are awesome and will eliminate the need for a separate image processing software. EQ7 gives you the ability to move seamlessly back and forth between blocks, quilts, and images including photographs. The Apply Symmetries capabilities are REALLY fun and are guaranteed to eliminate any spare time you might have had before EQ7 arrived. But my personal favorite fun activity is to play with the Serendipity capabilities – instead of just 3 (in EQ6) there are now 7 ways to create new Serendipity blocks. The addictive Clip and Flip, Shrink and Flip, Kaleidoscope, and Fancy Star block capabilities create seemingly endless ways to develop new blocks.

    In addition to all the new capabilities, however, there have been major additions to almost every aspect of EQ6, including many new blocks, fabrics, and layouts. There is now a Sashing library, so you can now easily put flying geese, stripes or other shapes into sashing strips or borders or blocks with several different sizes to choose from. Similarly, there are new libraries for Frames, Knots, and Seminole Piecing. I found the new Hexagonal layouts of particular interest, and the Twelve 12″ Block layouts provide great starting points for larger-scale quilts. I’ve already designed one using the King Irregular Grid which may very well end up in my bedroom.

    Finally let me mention several things that are really useful. Drag and Drop now exists throughout the quilt worktable. A new capability is Erase Quilt, which leaves the quilt layout intact but whites out all blocks from the layout, really great for that Custom Set you’ve been working on. Those of us who heavily use word processors will love the ability to put Copy and Paste buttons on the project toolbar. And my personal favorite is the Undo button which can be put on the project toolbar – didn’t like that block, color or whatever, just hit the Undo! This has always been my most-heavily used software toolbar button, but it is especially useful in EQ when trying out all sorts of design possibilities.

    CHEERS to the EQ staff for a truly significant upgrade to the EQ software – it contains so many things that will make our lives easier and allow all sorts of mind-expanding possibilities! EQ support is the greatest!!

  38. Elaine Stone-Arthur

    In each release the Electric Quilt (EQ) software gets better. The new tools included in EQ7 are the proof. The new Kaleidoscope tool, provides the opportunity to take pictures to the next level and add pizzazz to quilt blocks. Another new feature, the Swath tool, makes it easy to create those curved flying gees blocks across a block without the math. These are just two of the new tools, there are more.

  39. Gordon Cooper

    Dean and his hard working team have developed EQ7, a software package that does everything that was in EQ6 even better, and includes extra features.

    For example, there is a new work space for photos and other graphic images. The team have listened to requests from users, and improved the whole program to meet most of these requests and suggestions. EQ7 is a worthy successor to EQ6.

    The new activation system is easy to understand and use. We can run EQ7 on two computers at once. Activation does require on-line connection at the time of installation, and again every few months to keep the activation valid. EQ7 will remind users when this periodic check is due. So, if you have a laptop that may only get used occasionally, make sure to connect it to the internet and check your EQ7 validation before taking it away on vacation.

    I have been working with EQ7 for nearly two months and really enjoyed the experience. They certainly have done it again, this is a great program.

  40. Pat Daniels

    What EQ7 can do for Stack and Whack will simply blow your mind. I played with this feature for hours. Photo manipulation possibilities are endless too. You’re gonna have fun with this version for sure!

  41. Cheryl Brown, Tampa, Florida

    EQ7–More and More to Love:
    As an instructor and user since EQ1, I think the Electric Quilt keeps getting better all the time. Some of my favorite new features are:
    1. The Image Worktable that reduces the need to use another program such as Photoshop to prepare and edit images.
    2. The cool new sashing block section in the Libraries. I designed a Garden Maze sashing with 3 clicks.
    3. The really cool Swath tool that produces designs such as flying geese with one stroke.
    4. Just Drag and Drop blocks for Custom quilts. Easy peasy!
    5. Create and print kaleidoscopes of your photos for all types of projects.
    EQ7 is perfect for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned pro. Great work, EQ!

  42. Sue Legg

    Got EQ7 yesterday – have been playing with it – no trouble at all to install – and am having a blast. Love the videos and the printable lessons – expect I will be designing my own stuff pretty soon! EQ7 does a lot of the work that was hard for me (math!!) and makes it fun to plan a project.

  43. Susan Wood

    You people at EQ are the best!! I have been using my copy of the EQ7 upgrade every day from applique, paper piecing, pieced blocks and borders. I know that I have still SO much to learn. EQ has been there for me when I feel like I am stumped. EQ comes to my rescue everytime. I LOVE my EQ more than I do my microwave! LOL!! I have not run into a single bobble. You continue to provide the best product and customer service around!! Please accept my continued support!

  44. JoAnn Korzenko

    I just wanted to say that EQ7 is like an extension of my hand. It just flows and is so easy to use. The new photo options are just wonderful especially if you are designing a T-shirt quilt or memory quilt, you can save the pictures without having to import each time. Drag and drop of quilt blocks is especially nice! So many new tools and options – I didn’t think there was much to improve on, but Electricquilt has done it again.
    Quilt maker, designer, teacher and pattern maker, Kent, Ohio

  45. Yvonne Muller, Netherlands

    One week ago, I received my EQ7 upgrade….and of course I couldn’t wait to try it. One word: SUPER!! For everybody with any ”fear” for EQ7: not neccessary…just buy, install and play!! This version is the best of all, with good features for drawing and adding photos into your quilt design. And a lot more to explore!

  46. Karen Hollenback

    I just purchased EQ7 …. I am so impressed with all of the educational content. It is so easily accessible and user friendly. I have experience with other quilting software but this product is by far the best I have used. Thank you for your insight in developing this software.

  47. Carol Maddox, Tacoma, Washington

    I have had EQ5 and EQ6 and now I have EQ7. I never tried to scan fabrics before because I thought it would be too much trouble. WOW! I did it tonight on EQ7 and it was the easiest thing I have ever had to do with a computer. Thank you EQ so much it was fun.

  48. Beth Hayes and Staff, McCall’s Quilting

    Our McCall’s Quilting editors are taking full advantage of our newest team member — EQ7! From block drafting to designing with true-to-scale fabric swatches, from double-checking patterns to quickly creating assembly diagrams, from instantly re-coloring a design concept to making perfect templates, our newest team member is a star. We love you, EQ7!

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