EQ7 User Manual - Windows

EQ7 User Manual - Windows

Item #: R-07EQBK

PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING! This EQ7 User Manual was originally sold with every EQ7 (Windows version on CD) when first released. Later, the User Manual was, and still is, included with your purchase of EQ7 for Windows or for Mac. It is a PDF instead of the physical book. Please be aware that as an owner of EQ7, you already own the content of this manual, either in PDF format or as a physical book. Please read below to see if you should purchase this manual.

Although this original EQ7 User Manual was written specifically for EQ7 Windows, it works well for EQ7 Mac with only a few keystroke differences.

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Discontinued Product:

This product is no longer sold by The Electric Quilt Company.
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