EQ8 Reference Manual

EQ8 Reference Manual

Requires EQ8

Item #: B-8MANUAL

ISBN #: 978-1-893824-93-5

User Index of Features and Functions for EQ8 Software

The EQ8 Reference Manual is the ultimate handbook for describing all the program features, functions and tools. It gives you the essentials for understanding the EQ8 software.

This book is available as a PDF from the Help menu in the EQ8 software. It can be opened for reading or downloading to your computer. It is also available for purchase as a printed book. This entirely revised manual has 256 pages fully illustrated and in color. The convenient spiral binding allows pages to rotate 360 degrees and lay flat. For those who prefer a printed book over digital, you’ll find the EQ8 Reference Manual a useful addition to your EQ8 supplies.

Note: This book is available as a FREE PDF download for all owners of EQ8 software. The printed version is available for purchase for those who prefer a physical book.




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